Strongest Fire Storms on Bersallis III in Recorded History

Strongest Fire Storms on Bersallis III in Recorded History

BERSALLIS III – The Bersallis III outpost has reported that the most recent firestorm activity is the strongest ever recorded since the outpost was founded.

Doctor Maryanne Wilcox, director of the outpost and of the ongoing project at Barsallis III to study the effects of the storms on the planet’s environment and lifeforms, provided a report to Starfleet two weeks ago. The report is only just now being provided to the Federation News Service for dissemination.

“The storms usually perpetuate themselves every seven years,” Dr Wilcox stated in her report. “But the most recent storm came very early and was incredibly strong. Almost three times stronger than one from seven years prior. We are still analyzing data to determine why this is the case.”

The USS Merrimack was on station standing ready to evacuate the 700 occupants in the event of an emergency. Thankfully the starship’s services were not required as new metaphasic shielding techniques were integrated into the outpost’s protective shield grid.

The Bersallis III outpost has been in place since 2361 to study the effects of high-atmosphere plasma on airborne flora, as well as synthesize materials to help insulate structures from high-temperature variation.

In 2369, another high energy storm struck the outpost and required an evacuation of its residents, but lead to the death of eight Starfleet personnel in the effort.

“We will continue our research on these storms and the flora and fauna of Bersallis III as this information is invaluable to the continuing search for answers and knowledge in our galaxy.” Doctor Wilcox concluded. “Should the planet’s cycle return to normal, the next firestorm is set to commence in 2403.”