Profile in Courage – Captain John Charles “JC” Kessler, USS Caboto

Profile in Courage – Captain John Charles “JC” Kessler, USS Caboto

Several ships participated in the search for the Caboto including ships of the United Dominion of Planets (UDP).

Leading the search the USS Oumuamua, which this reporter calls home, made headway in recovering several children from the Caboto as well as others discovered in wreckage reported by the UPD. While the Caboto remains officially missing, I caught up with Lieutenant Jack Kessler tactical officer on the USS Oumuamua.

Simon Vomek (SV): What is JC Kessler like as a Father and a Captain?

Jack Kessler (JK): As a father and a Captain he blends many traits together. He is not harsh or quick to act. Always be thoughtful and measures the situation wanting to make sure that you understand the reason for his decision and actions. Both as a father and a Captain he would let you test your ground but I think he did that so that he could test you as well and then when he needed to plant his foot, he did.

SV: What about Maurine Kessler, your mother? What is her role on the Caboto?

JK: Mom, she’s a scientist at heart. Although not Starfleet she still serves aboard the ship as a civilian Exo-species research biologist. She is very active on the ship and loves her work.

SV: What was Caboto doing prior to coming into the Gamma Quadrant?

JK: Prior to coming to the Gamma quadrant the Caboto had been assigned to DS11 conducting surveys just beyond the edge of Federation space. The assignment was pretty routine from the letters I got from dad.

SV: What was their mission profile in the Gamma Quadrant?

JK: Their Starfleet mission was a diplomatic courier and was supposed to be a quick drop off of Federation diplomats to the UDP headquarters for further negotiations. They were then to rendezvous with the USS ‘Oumuamua where we would have spent shore leave together. It was going to be the first time I had seen them in person since graduating from the Academy.

SV: I’m sorry you missed that reunion. What about the Caboto? Are any special features or tricks the ship has that might give Captain Kessler the edge?

JK: Based on the way the Zet attacked the ‘Oumuamua, any special features the Caboto had were probably taken out by surprise. If we had not been on the alert and looking for a hostile response the Zet might have blindsided us as well.

SV: At this time, all evidence suggests that Caboto was attacked by the Zet, but was not destroyed. Is JC out there avoiding the Zet? Can you give an example of his tenacity as a Captain when the odds are against him?

JK: We know the Caboto to be severely damaged and based on social feeds [SV: Tidbitter is a Zet-based media sharing service], in the hands of the Zet. Dad is a by-the-book officer. If he found himself in a situation where the ship was going to be taken and he had no way to reclaim her, ::beat:: he would have destroyed the Caboto himself. If the Zet have the ship then I fear something went terribly wrong.

SV: Should the Zet be concerned about what your father is capable of?

JK: If he is alive, yes, the Zet should be worried. Actually, they should be very worried. If he is alive, they are holding a ticking time bomb if you know what I mean?

SV: Speaking as an Omuamua crew member I hope you’re right. No one unexpected turn of events was the recovery of several children from a waystation in the quadrant, one of whom was discovered to be Krystal Kessler, your sister. How is she doing and how is she adjusting to life on the Oumuamau?

JK: I think she is adapting as best as can be expected. The poor kid has been through a lot and I am just trying to make each day the best possible.

SV: Do either of you believe JC and Maurine are gone or are they still out there fighting?

JK: Until you show me proof they are dead, I have to believe that they are alive and plotting at this very moment how to take back their ship.

SV: Thank you, Lieutenant, for your time.

This reporter and I expect many across the Federation, wish JC Kessler all the best and we expect him home in time for dinner. His son, Jack, continues to make a name for himself on the Oumuamua receiving a recent promotion to full lieutenant and numerous commendations.