Discovered remnants of a possible pre-warp culture on Eta Corvi V

Discovered remnants of a possible pre-warp culture on Eta Corvi V

FNS contributor Taden Box joined an expedition to an uninhabited planet that yielded fresh archaeological findings into a possible pre-warp culture from the planet.

Recently on Eta Corvi V, while climbing the various mountains of the M-class planet, I joined a scientific and archaeological expedition to one of the smaller peaks of the planet. In comparison, it was still much larger than that of Earth’s largest peak Mount Everest, and due to this they dubbed it “The Small Behemoth.”

The expedition was to see if there were any signs of life existing on the surface and also to see what minerals were contained within the mountain’s crust. Invited by the head of the expedition, a Betazoid named Daden Hal, my aim was to report the findings as they occurred. The group was a mixture of species from across the Federation. Also accompanying us were representatives from the Klingon Empire and the newly formed Romulan Republic.

Upon reaching the second base site, we discovered something that we weren’t prepared for. A Klingon, who went by the name Kog, dusted off some snow on a large rock to take some samples when he noticed some unusual markings. Investigating, we found some more and came to the conclusion that they weren’t formed by geological changes, and this led us to speculate that they were made by a sentient species, which churned the consideration that the planet we believed to be uninhabited wasn’t as uninhabited as originally thought.

Unsure of what to think, the team conducted further research into the markings. Despite our advanced technology, we were unable to fully decipher what the markings read; however, our accompanying experts speculated that they were basic cave markings telling a story of some kind, along with what could be interpreted as a very basic form of linguistics. The sample was examined thoroughly, with evidential holophotos transferred back to the base camp.

Our small group saw no evidence that there was a pre-warp culture remaining on the planet, but we couldn’t be too sure. Deciding it was best to finish collecting our samples, the team prepared to leave as quickly as possible, so as to not disturb or accidentally interfere with any sentient life on the planet.

Once safely back into orbit on the science vessel, I asked Kog what he thought about his discovery.

“It’s a glorious discovery for the Klingon Empire,” he replied, joyfully. “And the rest of you, of course.”

Interviewing Daden Hal about what he thought about the potential of a previously unknown pre-warp civilization being discovered on Eta Corvi V, he examined his thoughts before explaining.

“It’d be quite the find, but as of yet we have no evidence of a remaining pre-warp civilisation on this planet,” he said, downturned at the prospect. “But they may live underground, such as the Aenar do due to the cold temperatures of the surface. Our findings will allow Federation research centres the opportunity to delve deeper into this mystery and, hopefully, we’ll know more about Eta Corvi V in the coming months.”

There is a more in-depth expedition by a joint Starfleet, Klingon and Romulan group that will try and discover if there is indeed a pre-warp civilisation present on the planet. As for now, all visits to the planet’s surface—bar that of the joint expedition—have been prevented in accordance with the Prime Directive.

About Taden Box

Taden Box is an FNS presenter from Trill and the seventh host of the Box symbiont. He serves the FNS fully and travels the quadrants reporting on a multitude of topics from sports to politics. He lives on Deep Space 21 with his wife and two daughters.