StarFlirt: Find your Romance Among the Stars

StarFlirt: Find your Romance Among the Stars

STARBASE 118 – A new dating program is sweeping the StarBase; a software named StarFlirt found within the personal LCARS systems and an application in which a person may enter their personal information and romantic preferences to find matching mates. The outcomes have been unsurprisingly mixed.

“This program is incredible,” Ensign Kenny Swanson remarked. Ensign Jexsa Itreida, Swanson’s new lover, is wrapped in his arm. “StarFlirt has assisted me in finding the love of my life.”

“It’s real,” Itreida said, smiling at Swanson’s obvious delight. “I never imagined I’d date someone who wasn’t of my own species. Perhaps a closed-minded attitude, but StarFlirt and Kenny have enabled me to alter that.”

However, further investigation into the new dating service found that not all stories are as pleasant.

Ensign Sudima has gone on fourteen dates with StarFlirt recommended partners, but none of them has gone well. When asked about her views, she stated, “I don’t think Starflirt is suitable for me. I am not up to date with the language young officers use. I believe I will stick to more traditional means of finding a spouse until I have sufficiently researched the phraseology and lexicon requirements.”

We were unable to locate the program’s author, but an anonymous note placed on the station noticeboard yielded a comment.

“StarFlirt began as an innocent typo,” according to the statement. “Starfleet unintentionally became Starflert when drafting a mission report. It seemed like a flirt, so I thought, why not create a dating service for fleet members? Years in space might be difficult, but with a partner by your side, it can be so much better. If my program can assist some of my colleagues in starting a relationship, I consider it a success. I know it’s aided me.”

You can find StarFlirt on the nearest library access terminal or your personal device.

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