Champion baseball team training delayed due to illness

Champion baseball team training delayed due to illness

CESTUS III ⁠— The reigning champions of the Cestus III Baseball League are trading in their bats and mitts for bowls of broth and plenty of rest.

Remy LaFleur, Assistant General Manager for the Pike City Pioneers baseball club, confirmed that the team’s offseason training which was set to begin today has been delayed due to most of the players and coaches contracting food poisoning. Team doctors are not sure of the exact nature of the infection but stated the team should be able to commence their training in the next few days.

When asked in which restaurant the players likely contracted the food poisoning, LaFleur declined to speculate. However, the cause is most likely due to ingestion of bad sushi at a favorite Pioneers player restaurant, according to one fan theory.

“I call on all Pioneers fans to boycott Rainbow Pagoda! They tried to kill our boys!” said super fan “Wagon Train” Rick, speaking as President of the official Pike City Pioneers fan club at the club’s annual preseason meeting held last night. “We all know that’s the favorite restaurant of the team, and we all know how bad their sushi can be this time of year!”

The owner of Rainbow Pagoda, a popular seafood and sushi restaurant in Pike City’s market district, could not be reached for comment.

Rival teams, the Cestus Comets and Traerston Tigers, could also not be reached; however, rumors indicate both teams are prohibited from consuming non-replicated food for the remainder of the season and plenty of antacids to alleviate acute functional dyspepsia are on standby.

Pike City is coming off their fifth straight championship title and baseball pundits from across the planet have already named the Pioneers a favorite to be a “Six-peat”, even with the delayed start to training. Exhibition games for the year’s spring training are set to begin next month.