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The Federation News Service is an independent news agency dedicated to providing citizens of the United Federation of Planets the latest news and stories from across the galaxy. With a rich history that dates back to the founding of the Federation, FNS reporters have covered every major development over the centuries, from the era of the first colonies to the award-winning coverage of the Dominion War.

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Nash Blaxland

Nash Blaxland is a human journalist with a career spanning over 20 years. A graduate of the University of Tasmania and the University of Alpha Centauri, Blaxland is a fifth-generation journalist and has been a correspondent for the Federation News Service since 2392, based from both Earth and StarBase 118.

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Chas Vasser

Chas Vasser is a human lifestyle journalist specializing in Arts and Culture with a starting career in holo-vidlogging. A graduate in dramatic studies from Amazon University in Brazil, she travels around the Federation with her dog Havoc.

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T'Vas is a correspondent for the Federation News Service. In addition to her own stories, she frequently contributes additional reporting to the articles of her FNS colleagues. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two cats.

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Anna de Vos

Anna de Vos is a Dutch reporter for the FNS. She was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2356. She holds two doctorates in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics. She lives in Amsterdam with her husband and her two daughters, and in her daily life, she teaches science at Paris University.

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Amanda Krellian

Amanda Krellian has been a journalist for the Federation News Service since 2379. She has extensive foreign affairs experience and wrote an award-winning exposé of the reasons for the withdrawal from the Avalon Sector by the Federation. She hails from the colony world of New Arcadia and lives in New Numbidia.

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Triff Gryce

Triff Gryce is a prolific reader and critic of holonovels. Having started his career as a writer and finding mediocre success for his holonovel Around the Quadrant in 1,000 Meals, the 104-year-old human sticks now to reviewing new holonovels.

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Dresdon Mitchell

Dresden P. Mitchell is a Terran freelance journalist and specializes in new scientific discoveries. Born in New York City in 2335, he studied at the ShiKahr Academy on Vulcan.

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Henry Maxwell

Henry Maxwell has been a Freelance Investigative Journalist since 239801.09, previously being a Centre for one of Starbase 118's Delta League Ice Hockey teams and a Winger for his local rugby league team at home in Scotland. He is very new to the world of journalism, but is determined to find the stories that deserve to be told.

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Lara Senekal

Lara Senekal is a reporter and editor for the Federation News Service. Born in Cape Town in 2342, she studied at La Sorbonne in Paris, Earth.

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Vian Nova

Vian Latadima Nova is a Terran reporter currently living in the Beta Quadrant. She previously attended Starfleet Academy, studying propulsion engineering, before joining as a reporter for the Federation News Service.

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Chalan Fuliar

Chalan Fuliar is a Bajoran journalist who works for the Federation News Service. Prior to joining the FNS, he was a political commentator for Bajor Now and served as spokesperson for Councillor Krim Aldos, Bajor's representative to the Federation Council. He lives in Paris with his pet Cavalier Spaniel, Wadeen.

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Jacob Deitz

Jacob Deitz is an investigative reporter for the Federation News Service. Born in New York City, Earth, Deitz worked at the Federation Star before joining the FNS, where he continues to investigate both political and criminal affairs.

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Amanda Woodward

Amanda Woodward is a human reporter for the Federation News Service. After attending the University of Alpha Centauri and graduating with a degree in media studies, she became a junior reporter for the Centauri Times, where she worked on a variety of projects from sports coverage to investigative reports on local government. She lives in Armstrong City, Luna.

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Jarn Th'Braxa

Jarn Th'Braxa is a journalist for the Federation News Service. Born into an Andorian military family, he currently resides on Earth, but he enjoys traveling far and wide in order to report on various stories throughout the Federation and sometimes beyond.

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J'mai Osen

J'mai Osen is a Trill writer whose travels have taken him around most of the Federation. He has developed a reputation for finding small, person-orientated angles within larger sociopolitical events. He is an accomplished Tongo player, and his hobbies include a passion for cooking and an affinity for Romulan ale.

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Keven Vasser

Keven Vasser is a human correspondent for the Federation News Service. He was born in Chicago, Earth, where he wrote for the Chicago Tribune before joining the FNS.

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Sharmina Patel

Sharmina Patel is a former trader most famous for building up the Maharashtra Spice Interplanetary Corporation. Now retired, she enjoys writing on business and market current affairs across the Federation, offering tips to any new traders and reporting on market related incidents either on scene or from her office in Mumbai, Earth.

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Lixa Dansha

Lixa Dansha is a member of the Bajoran Milita (and a former member of the Bajoran Resistance), who began to write as an editor and foreign policy analyst for the Federation News Service after the Dominion War.

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C'Mia is a Caitian female. She has done lots of traveling and enjoys publishing articles about her journeys. Previously a freelance reporter, she recently joined the FNS as a staff writer and plans to keep traveling as much as she can while writing for the agency.

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Ford Tremmeli

Originally from Earth, Ford Tremmeli earned a degree in journalism with a minor in foreign/galactic policy at the University of Kentucky. Early in his career, he worked for the Lexington Herald-Leader before he started freelancing, covering campaigns, foreign affairs, and political news across the galaxy. He hasn’t been back to the Sol System in nearly a decade.

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Goraxac is a senior reporter with the Daily Profit, living in Mugar Muga, Ferengi. He is always on the lookout for passive income business ventures and a wife.

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Esucen Onu

Esucen Onu is a reporter for the FNS who has a special interest in crime and culture. A retired Deltan botanist, Esucen writes for the FNS in her newly found spare time.

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Vivienne Zavaroni

Vivienne Zavaroni is Betazoid writer and journalist who spent fifteen years at the Betazed News Service before beginning writing for the Federation at large. She specialises in politics and culture, as well as expanding her interests to include sporting events and travel writing. She currently lives on Risa after moving there in 2395 with her dog, Frazzles.

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Bill Borington

Bill is a middle-aged Earth resident and an expert in matters related to sports and Starfleet. He travels the Federation with his German Shepard Sparks to report on the latest developments.

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Taden Box

Taden Box is an FNS presenter from Trill and the seventh host of the Box symbiont. He serves the FNS fully and travels the quadrants reporting on a multitude of topics from sports to politics. He lives on Deep Space 21 with his wife and two daughters.

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Mekai Jano

Mekai Jano is the co-host of the United Intar Network News program Kentari Afternoon, one of Intar's most popular news programs. She lives in the city of Citadel, the capital of the United Kentari Provinces, one of Intar's three original nations.

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Katel Pendarvis

Katel Pendarvis is a Fabrini war reporter and breaking news correspondent for the FNS. Recently celebrating her hundredth year with the FNS, Katel has been a journalist since the Whale Probe Crisis spurred her to action and has been a mainstay of Federation news and politics for over a century. Her reporting on the Cardassian and Dominion Wars, delivered from the front lines, earned her particular acclaim and accolades. She currently lives in the city of London on Earth with her husband and has seven grandchildren by three daughters.

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Andrew Davenport

Andrew Davenport is a freelance reporter for the FNS who recently returned after three years of captivity with the so-called "Maquis Reborn." He covers current events in the Sol system. A book detailing his recent captivity, Shadow of the Phoenix, will be available on November 1.

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Sariah Menaji

Sariah Menaji joined the Federation News Service shortly after completing her journalism degree at the Betazed College of the Arts. As her family immigrated to Nimbus III during her childhood, Menaji takes an interest in the places just outside the reach of the average Federation citizen.

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Mason Stone

Mason Stone is a journalist specializing in political and social climates. Graduating from the Betazed School of Fine Literature Arts, he is presently embedded aboard the USS Doyle.

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Ayiana Sevo

Ayiana Sevo is the chief science officer and second officer aboard the USS Gorkon. She holds degrees in quantum mechanics and subspace mechanics. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and swimming.

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Daphne Amalakis

Daphne Amalakis is a freelance journalist and since 2393 part of the Federation News Service. She began her journalistic career in 2381 as a member of the Mars Culture Magazine and the Martian Daily Press on her home planet. In 2388 she joined the Martian News Network and still is an active member. She specializes in society reports and was nominated for several prizes for an article series of her two-year-journey through the Alpha Quadrant, examining social problems and strained relations throughout the Federation.

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Flynn Dupond

Flynn Dupond is a foreign affairs reporter for the Federation News Service. With degrees in communication, journalism and language, Dupond has worked with the FNS for 17 years, charting the events on the outer territories. He lives on Starbase 118 with his daughter and their pet palukoo Fuzz.

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Maronida Shiir

Maronida Shiir is an Argelian contributor to the Federation News Service. She has been reporting from the front lines of Federation power since the opening days of the Cardassian Wars. She broke the story of Zhon-sh'Fey's bribes to Federation officials and has helped to form popular opinion on matters of politics ever since.

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Richard Janon

Richard Janon is a freelance journalist, often embedded with Starfleet forces. His Dominion War reports have won numerous journalistic awards. He is married to a senior enlisted person, and they currently live embarked aboard USS Marshal Martz.

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Ashlea Stasny

Born on Vega Colony Ashlea grew up a voracious reader, stargazer, and explorer. From as early as she could remember she dreamed of travel and exploration, however when she was presented with the option of joining Starfleet she balked a little at the concept of the strict structured hierarchy in favor of a more bohemian existence. Soon she realized her passion for exploration and sharing knowledge was suited to the life of a reporter for the Federation News Service.

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N'xypb X'rry

N'xypb Xrry is a freelance journalist and holophotographer currently working in the Trill sector. N'xypb is known for her exposé on illegal genetic modifications in the Alpha Quadrant in 2390. Outside of her writing, N'xypb is a professional photographer and has displayed her work on several planets.

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Winston Hsu

Winston Hsu was born and raised on the island of Maui, Hawaii on Earth. He has been a reporter for the Federation News Service since 2380 and was assigned to Starbase 719 at the end of 2386.

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Doctor Saveron is the research coordinator and second officer aboard the USS Invicta. He holds doctorates in both medicine and xenobiology.

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Yenun Kar

Yenun Kar is a Trill journalist who works for the Federation News Service. Kar studied journalism at Earth's University of London with a joint course on Xenology to better understand the importance of multiculturalism in modern media. He is currently residing on Trill with his wife Rami.

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Yellia Rasaf

Yellia Rasaf, M.D., PhD. is an Argelian psychiatrist who writes an advice column for the Federation News Service. Dr. Rasaf has multiple degrees in psychiatry, psychology, cultural xenopsychology, cultural xenoanthropology and is licensed to practice on all Federation member worlds.

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Aiden Byrne

Aiden Byrne is a freelance journalist living in Phillipstown, Mars, with his wife and three children. Aiden has always enjoyed writing and has a degree in history from Fort Kiley University, Mars. He is also the proud author of two children's books.

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Tully Tullerson

Franklin Tullerson, known as Tully, is a journalist for FNS focused on xenobiology and sociopolitical issues within the Federation. With a short stint in Starfleet as a shuttle and fighter pilot, Tully has taken to subspace frequencies instead. He has small apartments on both Earth and Andor, although is more often found hunting down stories than at home.

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Soazig-Shruvos Le Guennec

After serving as a communications officer in Starfleet for ten years, Soazig-Shruvos Le Guennec owned a logistics company and piloted cargo ships across the Alpha Quadrant. She now lives with her wife on Betazed and is working on her new book, I Need a Wee: A Cargo Pilot's Guide to Free Toilets, Cheap Rooms and Hearty Diners Across the Galaxy.

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Taliso Di

Taliso Di is a sports reporter who works for the Federations News Service. In addition to her various sports commentary, she is known for her weekly podcasting "Di for You," where she answers difficult, funny and deep questions from listeners all over the galaxy. Before joining the FNS, she was a holo-vlogger on the popular Holonet network with the nickname "Sassy Di."

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Noah Nathanael

Noah Nathanael is a human journalist who specializes in Art & Culture. He has consulted for such varied groups as the Andorian Travel Ministry and the Edo Art Council. He enjoys contributing to the Federation News Service in an effort to inform Federation citizens on a number of member cultures. He operates from his office in Jerusalem, Israel, on Earth.

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Alexander Morningstar

Alexander Morningstar is a journalist and a noted media personality for the last twenty years. An alumnus of Yale University, Alexander keeps his traditional education close to his heart in an ever expanding field.

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Regina Hollanbrook

Regina Hollanbrook is a reporter for the Federation News Service. She is also a member of the FNS media team, contributing to the FNS audio news updates.

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Li Xinmin

Li Xinmin is the editor-in-chief of the Federation News Service. A graduate of the Pennington School, Li began his career as a journalist for the Shanghai Free Press before joining the staff of the Eastern Morning Post, where he served as foreign affairs editor and then editor-in-chief before being named editor-in-chief of the FNS in 2393.

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FNS Admin

The Federation News Service is an independent news agency dedicated to providing citizens of the United Federation of Planets the latest news and stories from across the galaxy.

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Reza Kardgar

Reza Kardgar is a journalist and editor for the Federation News Service. Over his career, he has covered a wide-range of stories including the Vaadwaur Occupation of Deep Space 17 in 2387, of which he was a survivor.

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Churok is a Vulcan commentator on foreign affairs and council politics for the Federation News Service. A veteran reporter who made a name for himself with his coverage of the Khitomer Accords in 2293, Churok later served as Federation President Ra-ghoratreii's press secretary and authored Ra-ghoratreii's official biography following his presidency.