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The Pen and The Sword: Maronida Shiir on Nikael Kalre

Maronida_ShiirIt would seem, that in the battle for free speech, my editors have found it prudent (against my strong objections) to publish an open letter by a known terrorist who has assassinated both foreign nationals and good Starfleet officers. In recognition of their sacrifices, the Federation News Service published an article by the madman who claimed their lives, giving him an open forum and aiding and abetting his crimes by trying to rationalize them. Since this is all about ‘free speech’ I found it prudent to exercise my own rights and pen a letter of my own.

J’accuse! Maronida Shiir takes on the Colonial Coalition and the Federation Transport Union

Maronida_ShiirYou know it’s all anyone’s been talking about these past few weeks. Transport Union this, Colonial Coalition that. Honestly it’s enough to make this hardened reporter consider cancelling her weekly dinner parties. But why should we be talking not only about those malcontents on the frontier, but giving these lazy Transport Union workers the attention they crave? Well the short answer is, we shouldn’t.