J’accuse! Maronida Shiir takes on the Colonial Coalition and the Federation Transport Union

Maronida_ShiirYou know it’s all anyone’s been talking about these past few weeks. Transport Union this, Colonial Coalition that. Honestly it’s enough to make this hardened reporter consider cancelling her weekly dinner parties. But why should we be talking not only about those malcontents on the frontier, but giving these lazy Transport Union workers the attention they crave? Well the short answer is, we shouldn’t.

If you ask me, we, good Federation citizens, should encourage our leaders, civic and economic, to cancel all contracts with the Federation Transport Union and form a new cargo and supply service in opposition. We should use their own tactics against them and hit them equally hard where they hurt. They would leave those worlds on the outer rim to starve while they protest the natural hazards of interstellar shipping.

But the Colonial Coalition is no darling angel either. They have written an open letter criticizing the type of aid they too receive, but complain that it is directed towards such groups as refugees, war orphans and those on otherwise underdeveloped planets. The Federation Transport Union would let the Coalition starve, while the Coalition would let poor Cardassian and Romulan children die in the streets, simply because they are not Federation citizens.

Might I remind you that not long ago, two of the seven members of the Colonial Coalition were independent colonies. We should write strongly worded letters of our own to the Colonial Coalition to let them know that their racism and indifference to the plight of others in our interstellar community will not be tolerated in the Federation. We of the Federation stand for virtues of peace and the betterment of the entire galaxy, while the Coalition would be content to see it shrivel and die so long as their own bellies are full and their coffers overflowing with latinum.

A Long Time Coming

But where has all of this malice towards President Bacco come from? She’s one of the most popular Presidents in history, ask anyone in the civilized galaxy. She’s weathered the Hobus crisis, the Klingon Invasion and countless other interstellar flare ups over the years, and has come out on top with the Federation standing strong.

I am sure you are all aware of the planet Esperance, the “Gateway to the Federation.” Everybody knows they don’t exactly appreciate the tariffs levied against them by President Bacco’s administration. And of course everyone knows that two certain Federation Councilors from very old Federation worlds don’t exactly like the way President Bacco has dealt with the Cardassians, among other things. They shall remain nameless of course, this reporter wouldn’t want to spread idle chatter, but one has to wonder just how deep their hatred of President Bacco goes?

Would they be willing to cause immeasurable suffering in the Federation just to see that President Bacco is brought down? It’s an election year, ladies and gentlemen, so don’t say it could never happen. I’ve been in this city for decades and trust me, some people will do anything to win, even pair up and make a series of bargains to orchestrate events to bring down the darling of the Federation. We should all examine the roots of this crisis very carefully, and I will not rest until the rabble rousers in the shadows have been brought to light. They will not bring down the Federation, just to spite one woman.

About Maronida Shiir

Maronida Shiir is an Argelian contributor to the Federation News Service. She has been reporting from the front lines of Federation power since the opening days of the Cardassian Wars. She broke the story of Zhon-sh'Fey's bribes to Federation officials and has helped to form popular opinion on matters of politics ever since.