Romulan Republic criticizes Bacco’s visit to the Empire

Romulan Republic criticizes Bacco’s visit to the Empire

NEW ROMULUS – As Federation President Bacco continues her trip through the Romulan Star Empire, the visit has drawn harsh criticism from the Congress of the Romulan Republic.

Furthermore, the office of Romulan Republic President Galura Mobek published a condemnation of the Federation’s involvement with the Empire.

“I do not understand why the Federation is willing to be so friendly to a people who have had no intention, ever, of being friendly or having mutual trust,” said the letter. “The Empire has spent its entire time trying to overthrow the democratic people of the Federation and only failed because of the loss of our homeworld. The Republic has continually extended its hand towards President Bacco’s term but has continually been rebuffed. We hope that President-elect Narala is more considerate of those who wish to be friends.”

romulan_republic_imgBorn from the ashes of the Hobus supernova, the Romulan Republic is one of the strongest of the independent Romulan factions to establish itself outside of the Empire. Built on the idea of communal cooperation and a republic structure, the Romulan Republic is struggling to prove to the galaxy that they are not the same as the Imperials and that Romulans and Remans are free to live as equals on New Romulus.

The Romulan Star Empire considers the Romulan Republic a rogue state, whose territory remains part of the Empire. Foreign analysts agree though that neither the Empire nor the Republic have enough resources to effect a victory over the other without making themselves vulnerable to another enemy’s attack. Most of the combat between the two has been rhetoric and skirmishes along unclaimed space in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

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