Gorn Hegemony extends olive branch

Gorn Hegemony extends olive branch

GHDAR I — The Gorn Hegemony announced to the Federation that it wishes to open new dialogue between the two powers and rebuild relations that have chilled since the Gorn invasion in 2383.

Relations between the Gorn Hegemony and the Federation have been strained since the Hegemony attempted to invade in mid-2383. The previous Gorn government, known as the Confederation, collapsed in 2382 after the ruling family was overthrown, plunging the Gorn into a civil war. A new regime took power, and shortly thereafter, the Gorn launched their invasion into the Federation.

A short but vicious struggle in the Eratis system cost the Federation numerous starships and control over Deep Space 17. Though many political pundits continue to debate the reason behind the invasion as it did not gain the Hegemony any advantage, the relationship between the two powers has barely recovered.

In March of this year, the first whispers of the Hegemony’s interest in rekindling the Treaty of Friendship originally forged in 2268 reached the Federation Council but was met with cool interest.

Federation President Nan Bacco’s communications director Kestra Cestali told reporters in Paris, Earth, that the president was “encouraged” by the Gorn’s formal invitation and that she would call on Federation Foreign Minster Shelaen Varea to dispatch a representative to Ghdar I, the Gorn homeworld, to discuss the next steps that would need to be taken to reestablish the trust that the two powers once had for each other.

Yet not everyone is convinced that the Hegemony is being honest with its overtures towards peace.

“Friendship? Peace? After what they did, forgive me if I’m a bit skeptical,” said Federation Councilor Malcolm von Tesch of Earth. “I’ll believe they’re serious when they take more effort to control all of these supposedly ‘unauthorized’ raids on our colonies.”

Much of the region between the two governments has fallen into disrepair as defensive positions were preferred over improvement of its economical state. Gorn raids, allegedly unsanctioned by the Gorn government, continue to plague outer Federation colonies and neutral worlds, and reports of harsh treatment of non-Gorn species within the Hegemony have also made their way to the Federation Council of Species Relations.

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