Former Starbase 719 commander named ambassador to Bel-Terra

Former Starbase 719 commander named ambassador to Bel-Terra

TYPHON SECTOR — Retired Starfleet Vice Admiral Val’ri Raiajh will take on her next posting as the Federation ambassador to Bel-Terra.

The former Base and Sector Commander for Starbase 719 and the Typhon Sector who recently retired was named by Federation Secretary of the Exterior Lily Ventu as the ambassador to the colony world. Those I’ve spoken to on the base, including current Base Commander Captain Cathryn Pearson and newly installed Sector Commander Vice Admiral Kalin Kale wish the recently widowed Raiajh well in her new posting.

General News from Starbase 719

Starbase 719 is an Ournal class base and shipyard and the home port of the Fifth Fleet, tasked and assigned to patrol and explore core-ward from the Typhon Expanse. In other news around the starbase, shopkeepers also have little to complain about, save for the fact that the position of Civilian Ombudsman has not yet been filled since the departure of the Betazoid civilian doctor Jill Xaran shortly before the death of her brother, chief medical officer Dr. Sylvan Xaran.

It is noted that the female Dr. Xaran also helped with the setup of the base’s self-supporting livestock and agricultural farms. This isn’t an area seen by most who live here and few even know about its existence. The farms produce much of the fresh produce and meat found on the base and provide assistance to the local colony worlds by providing stock and seed.

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Winston Hsu was born and raised on the island of Maui, Hawaii on Earth. He has been a reporter for the Federation News Service since 2380 and was assigned to Starbase 719 at the end of 2386.