Anger against Starfleet from colonists on Meridian grows after terrorist bio-attack

Anger against Starfleet from colonists on Meridian grows after terrorist bio-attack

CRESCENT VIEW, MERIDIAN — Weeks after a bio-attack on the world of Meridian was stopped by the USS Montreal, unrest continues to grow as some locals blame Starfleet for the attack in the first place.

As rebuilding of the Crescent View Medical Research Facility continues, local rallies have begun to erupt at what they see as Starfleet bringing Federation-wide problems to the Shoals.

“No terrorist attacks like this happened before Starfleet began to pay so much attention to the Shoals,” said Mariela Smith, a local activist. “If this is the cost of their ‘protection,’ then maybe we should strike out and give the [Colonial Coalition] marshals this power — at least they’re accountable!”

Meanwhile, the colony administrators are still going through all of the colonial enclaves and tightening security with the aid of the Klingon embassy, both shaken after this attack. In a briefing this afternoon, Starfleet announced that a support ship had been dispatched to the colony to assist.

“We are committed to protecting all citizens of the Federation,” said Commander A.J. Ciaravolo of Starfleet Public Affairs. “We deeply regret that these attacks have made people feel uncomfortable, but we will always exert our utmost to protect fellow citizens.”


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