Cestus III gains new baseball team, possible league title contender

Cestus III gains new baseball team, possible league title contender

CESTUS III — The thriving baseball league on the Federation world of Cestus III has seen a new team, the Traerston Tigers, join its ranks.

All baseball lovers Federation-wide are aware of the state of the league on Cestus III when it comes to its quality of play. While always fair and a good show, it has yet to happen that a team from the Top League of the Cestus III Baseball League reaches a high ranking in the Federation Galactic Cup.

The Traerston Tigers are hoping to change that by inviting multi-title winners Bill Cleansy (batter, Earth planetary team regular, Ex-Achilles) and top pitcher Jammy Allen (pitcher, Alpha Centauri planetary team regular, former player for the Black Gladiators) to their line-up, as well as some new local and old veteran league talents.

Rumour has it the team has been receiving regular donations and sponsorships, allowing them to reach such high-quality players.

“I am very happy to have joined the Tigers,” said Bill Cleansy. “The group is known for fair play and as a real underdog. Helping them to the top would be a challenge Jammy and I are certainly looking forward to!”

When the never-so-talkative Jammy was asked about a chance in the local Federation Cup, not to be confused with the coveted Galactic Cup, he reacted with it being a “possibility.”

According to Sports Analytics, the Tigers are already a contender for the Cestus III League Title, simply because of their lineup. However, a chance at winning a multi-system Federation title such as their local Federation Cup might still be far off.

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