Thunder at Jenatris Cloud 500: Glirash Voorsh snatches fourth victory

Thunder at Jenatris Cloud 500: Glirash Voorsh snatches fourth victory

TRINITY CITY, STARBASE 118 — Speed racing legend takes a comfortable grip of second place on the points leaderboard of the Jenatris Cloud 500, locking in a fourth overall victory with noted Gorn relish.

The Gorn trailed the leader by 13.8 seconds heading into the final stage. Despite an unexpected squall of micro-asteroids which perforated his starboard manifold, he finished 32.6 seconds ahead of the rest of the pack. He beat the race leader, V’Nar, at the last moment by little more than a canopy length.

Approached after the race, V’Nar merely raised an eyebrow at the questions asked and walked away.

Voorsh, however, was in an understandably jubilant mood. The team celebrations continued long into the journey back to Starbase 118.

“I am excited to return to Jenatris Cloud 500 and knock V’Nar out of the lead,” expressed Voorsh with relish. “Once the shuttlecraft is repaired, we will continue with our domination of the speed-racing scene.”

Thunderbolt Sports Report waits in anticipation of the next thrilling race and, as always, live coverage is available through sports streaming nets.

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