Mysterious musician Dr Sevrin takes the Gamma Quadrant by storm

Mysterious musician Dr Sevrin takes the Gamma Quadrant by storm

SEYTOXAL, GAMMA QUADRANT — Humans say love is the universal language, Ferengi say money and Klingons say the cry of battle. While these opinions may or may not have validity, there is no doubt that throughout the galaxy no medium is more common to express ideas, feelings and stories than music.

From Klingon opera to the orchestral masterpieces of the Terrans or the sublime sound of the Vulcan lyre, all cultures seem drawn to creating music. So it should be no shock that denizens of the Gamma quadrant love their music too. What might be surprising is the newest figure on the Gamma quadrant music scene may just be an Alpha Quadrant invader.

The Zet hosts the platform Tidbitter™, a communications forum for people all over the quadrant. A recent look at Tidbitter showed nearly 11 million references to Dr Sevrin. That’s 3 million more references than Zet strong man Tolo’Sal’Lat’Ut’Kel’Tras’Unt’Blt Anroc got in the same period. Dr Sevrin has no Tidbitter presence, but fans have opened multiple tidbits sharing performance videos, audio recordings, pictures and stories of their encounters with the mysterious musician.

The performer has been seen on the waystations of Port Coray and Port Loray and at numerous venues on Seytoxal. Most describe Dr Sevrin as male, but descriptions beyond that vary wildly. Some describe him as an older, grey-haired human. Others say he is spotted like a tiger or leopard. Still, others maintain he has blue skin.

His instrument of choice is a Terran Guitar, either electric or acoustic. The songs he performs are mostly cover songs of Terran songs from the late 20th century. Songs people have reported hearing include “Money for Nothing” originally by Dire Straits, “Renegade” originally by Styx, “Bizarre Love Triangle” originally by Psychedelic Furs and “Maggie’s Farm” originally by Bob Dylan. By all accounts, Dr Sevrin travels alone and recruits local musicians to accompany him where he plays. Like a musical Robin Hood, he generally donates any compensation he receives to a local charity.

This reporter recently travelled to music hotspot Xingala Druman on Seytoxal where Dr Sevrin had reportedly played the Grand Casbah the night before. Neither Dr Sevrin nor the band who played with him, Bovek’s Beats, could be found. But locals claimed the Dr. performed one song that brought down the house.

Recordings on Tidbitter showed it to be a rendition of “Bizarre Love Triangle”.

One person present for the show was Lieutenant Salo Nesre, of the Federation starship USS Oumuamau NCC-81226.

“Dr Sevrin has a style that is somehow both classic and unique. His singing and playing are a delight and I look forward to attending future concerts.” And when commenting on Dr Sevrin’s appearance, Nesre stated, “He’s as uniquely handsome as his music. I could not give a description that would do him justice.”