United Earth rolls out red carpets for presidential inauguration

United Earth rolls out red carpets for presidential inauguration

SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — The United Earth government has pledged its full support to the Federation in ensuring the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Narala goes smoothly.

“As the seat of the Federation government, it is the unique privilege of all citizens of Earth to witness such historic events as a presidential inauguration on our soil,” said Yu Xiùlán, ombudsperson for the United Earth Ministry for Justice, in San Francisco. “It is likewise our unique duty to do all we can to guarantee the environment is secure, orderly, and memorable for all who will be taking part in the festivities.”

Yu briefed the media on plans drawn up for the inauguration, which will involve multiple United Earth ministries and Federation agencies working in concert. Federation Security and Starfleet will be responsible for security and logistical affairs at the Palais de la Concorde in Paris and several other key locations on the planet during the week of the inauguration. United Earth regional security divisions will liaise with both Federation agencies where required but will otherwise operate as usual, concentrating their efforts on domestic policing.

The announcement is a welcome change in position for United Earth, which in recent months has been at frequent loggerheads with the Federation Council on issues of domestic policy.

United Earth governmental agencies, as well as the private sector, have spent the past months preparing the planet for the huge influx of visitors expected from all corners of the Federation. High-occupancy transporter hubs have been placed in major urban centers such as Lima and Tokyo to quickly move people about the planet, and hoteliers on Earth, Luna, and Mars have been modernizing their accommodations to meet increased demand.

The number of visitors to Earth is expected to be significantly higher than at previous inaugurations due to the recent resumption of commercial quantum slipstream travel. Major industry players Alpha Starlines, Unity Transport, and Red Carrier have published Earthbound itineraries hoping to attract first-time travelers from both quadrants. Alpha Starlines CEO Alan Ferres expressed his pleasure that commercial quantum slipstream travel was again given the green light in time for the inauguration.

“We are thrilled to show the galaxy how this will change the very nature of travel,” Ferres said. “For example, the week of the ceremony, we’re running an express non-stop from Bajor to Earth Spacedock in just nine hours.”

The trip from Bajor normally takes eighteen days at warp eight.

Ferres is one of many in the transport business who are hoping the upswing will speed recovery following last year’s strike by the Federation Transport Union, which lasted eight months and severely destabilized the industry and the greater Federation economy. In one of the hallmarks of her final year in office, outgoing President Nan Bacco successfully brokered a deal to end the strike last August.

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