Noted Betazoid Lecturer arrested for murder

Noted Betazoid Lecturer arrested for murder

BETAZED — Noted lecturer of veterinary science Tillul Sim has been arrested for the murder of his first wife Fumiko Sim in 2369.

Betazoid Peace Keepers arrested the 60-year-old at his homestead today without incident. Sim is currently in custody at the Delaria Peace Keeper Department.

According to Terran law enforcement reports from the time, Fumiko Sim died in 2368 after falling down the stairs outside her New York apartment.

“At the time, it appeared that this tragedy was an accident,” said Harriet Howe, Secretary of Justice, earlier today. “However, new evidence suggests that it may, in fact, have been a homicide.”

When pressed for details on the evidence, Howe declined to comment or even speculate. Sources in the Betazed Peace Keepers suggest that evidence was discovered through telepathic means. The use of telepathy in law enforcement is not allowed in Terran law but is allowed on Betazed, which is likely due to the near-universal prevalence of telepathy on the planet. How, precisely, Doctor Sim managed to keep the secret on a planet of telepaths is unknown.

A trial is scheduled to begin in the next few weeks. The murder has gone unknown and uninvestigated for twenty-seven years, and the investigation conducted on the cold case will be fully reported.

Tillul Sim worked as a veterinary surgeon for nearly forty years until his retirement four years ago but continues to lecture students at the nearby university and also on some Starfleet Academy courses in Delaria. He was married to Fumiko Sim for a year in 2367. They lived in New York together, where the suspect ran a veterinary surgery.

After his first wife’s death, Tillul Sim married Laxe Sim (nee Adea) in 2368, and they had a son, Genkos Sim, in 2369. Genkos Sim currently works as a doctor aboard the USS Gorkon. Both Laxe Sim and Genkos Sim have been contacted for comment, but both declined.

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