Fashion designer killed in bombing at Paris Fashion Show

Fashion designer killed in bombing at Paris Fashion Show

VERSAILLES, EARTH — A couture maven was killed and several others injured in an apparent terrorist bombing shortly after a fashion show outside of Paris.

Choupette Marchionne, the head of the eponymous French fashion house Marchionne, was killed by an explosion just minutes after debuting her autumn/winter collection on the grounds of the Chateau de Versailles.

Details are scarce at this point, but sources close to the investigation say that the bombing may have been a product of the Maquis Reborn, a terrorist group led by Nikael Kalre, a notorious Betazoid beset on dismantling the Federation.

Suspicious activity within recent months has also increased following the anniversary date of the attack on Ohmallera (stardate 238802.22). Kalre’s open letter to the Federation incited protests outside the Paris offices of the Federation News Service in 2392.

Marchionne (31), herself half Betazoid, is survived by her daughter Victoire, who was unharmed in the blast but was found with a note attached to her back. Victoire was discovered by Ensign Ghant Xerix and Doctor Addison MacKenzie, both of the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) who were on the planet for the show.

“A note found attached to Ms. Marchionne’s daughter was suspicious in itself,” stated Sten Caridia, a member of Starfleet Security, in his address to the press this afternoon. “And while we are still investigating, we have strong evidence to suggest it was from the group who identify themselves as the Maquis Reborn.”

Choupette is mourned by the glitterati of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Her memorial service is to be held on Betazed and is expected to be a who’s who event of the fashion world.

More details to be reported as the investigation continues.