Narala declares “age of action” at presidential inauguration

Narala declares “age of action” at presidential inauguration

PARIS, EARTH – A long and contentious election year has finally reached its apex today as Narala formally began her term as Federation President.

An estimated one million people attended today’s inauguration in Paris, and billions more watched the event live as it was transmitted to all corners of the Federation on subspace. While the festivities did not officially begin until 10:00h local time, the streets of Paris’ 8th arrondissement were lined with spectators since just after midnight. Official estimates indicate that nearly one in three people who attended the inauguration were from off-world.

Retirees Louis and Miranda Hollins of Tycho City made the short trip from Luna hoping to catch one final glimpse of Nanetta Bacco in person.

“She really was an outstanding President,” said Louis. “Nan will be a tough act to follow.”

Others, like holoprogrammer Brenn Fenner, were more enthusiastic.

“I’ve been campaigning for Narala since before she announced her candidacy,” said Fenner, who traveled all the way from Starbase 375 to attend the ceremony. “I can’t wait to see what she will accomplish.”

The inaugural parade began this year at the Eiffel Tower and proceeded for 2.5 kilometers along the banks of the Seine, before crossing the river at the Palais de la Concorde, the seat of the Federation government.

In keeping with tradition, Narala was escorted across the bridge by her predecessor, outgoing President Nanietta Bacco. The two continued together until reaching the steps of the Palais, at which point Narala ascended them alone. Awaiting her at the top was Chief Justice Mal-Urgel of the Federation Supreme Court to administer the affirmation of office, which Narala gave in Federation Standard and Vulcan. Narala’s eldest daughter Sitak served as official witness, countersigning the three official paper copies of the affirmation to which Narala subscribed her name.

The copies will be held by the Federation Council, the Supreme Court, and the Library of the Federation during her term in office.

Age of Action

After the brief ceremony, Narala addressed the people for the first time as President, and declared an “age of action” to be upon the Federation.

“It is time to truly unite our United Federation,” she said. “I pledge myself to act for those who are unheard, for those who feel their needs have not been represented.”

“Every voice is important,” she continued, “not just a select few.”

The President’s words were poignant, given the recent announcement that a conference of remote Federation colonies will take place on Anoria XII. Chairing the conference will be Anaria Kthria, runner-up in last year’s presidential election. The conference will seek to resolve a growing divide between the so called “core” Federation member planets and those nearer the borders, which had been exacerbated by the transport strike and the Maquis Reborn threat.

Narala closed her inaugural address by reaffirming her commitment to representing everyone equally, echoing a similar sentiment often expressed by her predecessor: “I am one person, prepared to take on an extraordinary role, and part of that role is being prepared to listen to the citizens of my charge.

“We are many,” she said, “but we can be one.”

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