Starfleet considers recruitment center shake-up

Starfleet considers recruitment center shake-up

SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — Starfleet officials released a report today that proposes a reorganization of its network of recruitment centers.

Seeking to reverse the continued decline in applications to the academy, the report recommends closing approximately fifty centers with consistently low recruitment and reassigning their resources and personnel to existing centers where recruitment is steady or rising. In addition, approximately twenty new centers would be opened in areas of so-called “high impact potential,” such as New Sydney, which has applied for Federation membership.

If the recommendations are enacted, several Federation planets, including Zalda, Inferna Prime, and Caldos, would lose their only recruitment office. As the report notes, however, there are already “numerous sparsely populated or remote member planets” without a recruitment office on their soil.

“In the case of Caldos, which on average receives fewer than twenty applicants per year, services could easily be provided by the nearby recruitment center on Deep Space 6,” read the report’s final conclusions.

The Federation Council’s Starfleet Oversight Committee will discuss the report’s recommendations and bring in Starfleet Command and Starfleet Academy officials for hearings later this month.

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