Disgraced ice hockey star Matteo Barana missing, feared dead

Disgraced ice hockey star Matteo Barana missing, feared dead

RASKOR IV — Police suspect foul play in the disappearance of Matteo Barana, former star center for the Raskor Giants.

Raskor City Security descended upon Barana’s walled beachside villa in the early morning hours of Stardate 239907.06. The view from outside was the very image of peaceful serenity, which contrasted with the sheer chaos they found inside the home: ransacked memorabilia, smashed furniture, slashed door panels, and scattered clothing about the main bedroom.

First responders found deep scoring consistent with a sharp blade along several surfaces in the villa’s grand kitchen area, up the staircase, and toward the main bedroom. The damage ominously hinted at a terrible and violent attack inside.

Upon entering the bedroom, security officers found blood spatter upon the bed. Lieutenant Velshk, an officer with Raskor City Security, confirmed that the blood was Barana’s, but was quick to stress that they found no body on the property.

“Our officers have scoured both the villa and its grounds,” said Velshk, “and I can officially confirm that there are no fatalities within this residence. Next question, please.”

FNS reporters on Raskor IV have obtained security footage that reveals Kahl Shreth, an Andorian former teammate of Barana’s, entering the property before the security officers’ arrival, but the footage doesn’t show either Shreth or Barana leaving the property. Investigators have found no signs of phaser fire, suggesting all the damage was done by blade and by hand.

Investigators did, however, uncover that a large sum of latinum was deposited into one of Shreth’s accounts a few hours before he was recorded entering the Barana villa.  When asked, Velshk declined to state who initiated the payment.

With the investigation ongoing, Raskor City Security has broadcast appeals to residents for any information they may have about the events at the Barana residence. They also reported that they are uncertain whether Barana’s wife and two children were present, as they had shuttle tickets to Starbase 118 the day before the incident.

Last year, the Trinity City Eagles terminated contract negotiations with Barana after a recording surfaced of him allegedly making xenophobic comments about Shreth.

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