Capture of Cardassian war criminal raises questions, tensions

Capture of Cardassian war criminal raises questions, tensions

BAJOR — The unexpected capture of a Cardassian war criminal in Federation territory has caused diplomatic tensions to mount between the Federation Council and the Bajoran Council of Ministers.

Breloc Tejar was a Cardassian overseer during much of the Occupation of Bajor. Known as a ruthless enforcer of the law and for his less-than-charitable attitude toward the Bajorans under his command, Tejar is directly responsible for the death of thousands of Bajorans, either through ordered executions or other means.

Now, a quarter of a century after the Occupation, Tejar has been arrested within Federation territory. Officials have declined to comment on how the former overseer was captured.

Upon receiving information that Tejar was in Federation custody, the Bajoran Council of Ministers immediately requested that he be tried for war crimes on Bajor.

“It’s only fitting,” stated Ketri Itath, a Vedek living in Dekantha Province. “That menace to society damaged this planet, physically and emotionally. Should he not be forced to observe the pain he has wrought on our world? And the progress we have made despite his atrocious actions?”

The Federation Council declined to immediately transport Tejar to Bajor. Federation Council member Leth’sa Cha’shun made the following statement regarding the situation.

“While we appreciate the intricate history this man has shared with the Bajoran people, under the Federation Charter, which Bajor is subject to, any being charged with a crime must be treated with respect, and must be protected from harm before judgement is passed. If we were to consent to Bajor’s request, Tejar’s safety might be compromised.”

This situation is ongoing and will be followed as it progresses.