Risa begins overhaul of weather control system

Risa begins overhaul of weather control system

RISA — The popular pleasure planet and tourist destination began a large overhaul of its aging weather control system.

The network, which was installed nearly three hundred years ago, will be slowly upgraded with new computer hardware, atmospheric control systems, seismic regulators and energy collectors, and security upgrades over the coming months.

Before the installation of its weather control system, Risa was a wet and humid planet, similar to Ferenginar. Rain and hurricanes were common, as well as frequent earthquakes. The indigenous Risian population mostly lived in small communities, sometimes in caves or underground to avoid the elements.

Due to its high tectonic activity, Risa’s landmasses have been broken into ten small continents dispersed along the equator, with two large oceans in the northern and southern hemispheres. These large bodies of water, coupled with the planet’s tilt causes temperature differences in the ocean, forming large and powerful hurricanes, a major driving force of the planet’s rainfall.


Officials responded to concerns over how the upgrade would affect the planet’s vital tourism industry.

“We don’t want visitors to our world to be inconvenienced by the upgrade,” said Jennale Nasbri, Chief Administrator of Risian Weather Control.

Nasbri explained that the upgrade is scheduled in such a way as to affect only one portion of one continent at a time, in order to minimize the effect of Risa’s natural, chaotic weather system on the population. She admitted that this approach would greatly extend the time it would take to complete the upgrade, but the Risian Hedony agreed that it was the best plan of action in order to minimize the effect of the upgrade on its tourism industry, the planet’s primary source of income.

“We are actually promoting the effects the weather control upgrade is going to have,” said Bremar Forhal, head of the Risian Tourism Board. “By advertising the unique climate conditions not normally experienced in public areas of Risa, we have seen a 47% increase in reservations over the next eight months.”

“Such attractions include aerial flights above hurricanes and surfing competitions to take advantage of increased ocean waves,” Forhal explained.

Security Concerns

Some people have raised concerns over a return of the New Essentialist Movement, a “purity” organization opposed to Risa’s “decadence” and how it was contributing to what it saw as the cultural and moral collapse of Federation society. In 2373, the Essentialists hijacked Risa’s weather control system, temporarily shutting it down, causing the planet’s natural weather system to assert itself.

Nasbri attempted to alleviate such fears of the Movement’s reappearance by explaining that substantial security system upgrades were part of the overhaul. Further, Risian police forces have been expanded and will remain on high alert throughout the upgrade process.

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