Berlin Zoo welcomes first targ pups

Berlin Zoo welcomes first targ pups

BERLIN, EARTH — Twin targ pups were born this week at the Berlin Zoo, becoming the first of their species ever born on Earth.

The zoo’s female targ, K’Tolara, gave birth to the first pup just after midnight local time on stardate 239301.05. A second pup followed approximately 20 minutes later, according to zoo staff.

“This is an historic event,” said Berlin Zoo CEO Nadia Neuner in a brief statement. “We are pleased the pups were born healthy and have already started bonding with their mother.”

Targ pups are blind at birth, and it may be several weeks before the staff is able to determine their sex. The Berlin Zoo will invite submissions from the public to name the pups; however, visitors will have to wait for the chance to see them up close. They will remain with their mother in a special maternity area, out of view of the public, for at least the next few months.

K’Tolara is one of four targs in the Berlin Zoo’s exobiology exhibition, and the only female. While targs are often domesticated as pets on the Klingon planets where they are endemic, they are illegal outside of a zoo on most Federation worlds due to their difficult, often violent behavior.

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