Durasteel producers experience growing pains on the Federation marketplace

Durasteel producers experience growing pains on the Federation marketplace

PAR’THA EXPANSE — The high demand for durasteel has led to black market sales and other struggles for the industry.

A highly prized metal compound, used for building everything from homes to starships, ultralightweight and long-lasting, durasteel is the hot new commodity in high demand across the Federation, outside of the Par’tha Expanse. But getting it to buyers can be a dangerous game as Expanse entities try to circumnavigate stringent tariffs and regulations set by the Freeworlds Region.

Commissioner Farl Ma’larth of Jenatris Heads Count, a political and social justice campaign group, says this affects not just the prices for the metal compound.

“Real people are mining this stuff, smelting and molding it, creating parts and raw materials for sale,” said Ma’larth. “The bottleneck into the Federation means they work less and make less.”

And that’s not all. The high demand can mean high prices, although the people in the middle class “don’t see an ounce more in their income.”

“The Freeworlds, the mining companies, and the other sectors keep that extra cashflow,” added Ma’larth.

As one might expect, some workers are forced to turn to black market sales and less-than-savory means of supplementing their income.

The situation is not all bad though, as slowly the extra returns on the durasteel-grab trickle downstream in the markets and more established systems. Some people make a decent wage if they have the drive and seniority within their workplaces. And they and others in the Expanse are encouraged by this gradual change. The hope is that the throttle will be opened slowly, all the while keeping the demand high.

But it makes one wonder – surely others in the galaxy struggle the same as in the Par’tha Expanse?

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