Governor of Martian Colonies announces an Orion outpost on Mars

Governor of Martian Colonies announces an Orion outpost on Mars

MARS — In a stunning announcement from Governor of the Martian Colonies, an Orion Free Trader has been granted permission to establish and build an Orion outpost in Mars’ oldest colony.

An unprecedented move, without consulting the Federation, Martian Governor Lars Durnsdale has given the neutral Orion race the right to establish a presence within the very heart of the Federation alongside noted institutions and facilities such as the Daystrom Institute of Technology, the Utopia Planitia Fleetyards, and the Jennet Trade Securities Corporation. Given the Orion’s Switzerland-like neutrality stance, this merger comes as a complete surprise.

The Free Trader is question is Captain E’Brelle, whom is no stranger to Mars nor the Government, having visited the planet several times over a fifteen year period. Through a live streaming media announcement, Governor Durnsdale stood side by side with Captain E’Brelle and held up joined hands together.

“The colonies of Mars, working with Captain E’Brelle, both a representative of the Orion Free Traders as well as the Orion Government, have come to a historic first moment, the creation of the first Orion Outpost in the Federation of which former Captain, now Ambassador E’Brelle, will be overseeing the construction of right here on Mars,” the governor declared.

The newly cemented Ambassador E’Brelle first rose to attention during the Vaadwar-Federation War using her ship to run medical supplies. Records report these runs were voluntary.

Ambassador E’Brelle is a known Alpha, the daughter of an Orion Governess, Arena, who has never demonstrated any commitment to serve in an ambassadorial capacity, which brings up a question of whether or not the Governor of the Martian Colonies may or may not be under the influence of the infamous Orion pheromones.

This reporter had the opportunity to catch the Governor as he made a discretionary exit from the Government Complex in central Utopia Planitia and question the validity of allowing the Orions to establish and build an Outpost in the Sol System, and on Mars instead of Earth, when they are not a member of the Federation, and what kind of response the Federation would have for taking such a bold initiative. With the Governor’s famous sneer came this comment:

“The Federation doesn’t dictate who can or can’t establish an Outpost or an Embassy, as we receive so limited opportunities to work with the Orions. Non-aligned races come and speak to the Federation all the time. The agreement was made in good faith, and we have met and worked with the former Captain E’Brelle for over a decade. It’s far past time to allow the Orions to have an outpost, if nothing else in the civilian trade sector. And I resent your comment I might be ‘under the influence’. My thoughts, and my emotions, are my own, thank you!”

A further follow up with the newly minted Ambassador E’Brelle in her ship’s equivalent of a ready room provided additional facts, duly recorded (and with permission), by the Ambassador’s statement:

“I’ve visited this planet several times in my travels, and I have a good working relationship with Starfleet officers alongside civilian trade. After fifteen years of being on ship, and having fallen in love with this planet, I can’t think of a better arrangement to bring the Orions and the Federation together, as we both have utilized each other on matters of trade over a few hundred years. This arrangement will not affect our neutrality, but both the Governor and I feel it will cement a closer relationship between the Orions and the Federation if we’re allowed to have an outpost, with the hopes of becoming an Embassy, without the utilitarian and strict rules and procedures the Federation imparts on non-aligned races. We have no wish to become a part of the Federation, but we feel strongly there should be an Orion presence.”

To the Ambassador’s credit, she did not employ pheromones during the course of the interview.

Following this unexpected announcement, a request was made to Federation President Bacco to comment on this maneuver initiated by the Utopia Planitia Governor. President Bacco declined to comment on the matter.

A request was made to the Jennet Trade Securities Corporation, who has been in business since 2351, for comment on having the Orions establish a permanent presence on Mars. CEO Deborah Turow (a Betazoid) issued a rare statement:

“We always welcome trade opportunities, with the understanding trade law is followed.”

The independent JTSC, as its known, is one of the Federation’s pioneers for its work in the field of trade securities and utilizes its own investigators when disputes erupt. Founded by businesswoman and certified Trade Investigator Barbara Jennet and her husband, they have served as investigators and mediators for civilian trade the past forty years and known for their JTSC-X series of small warp-capable ships.

It remains to be seen what kind of impact this will have on the Federation and Starfleet as the Orions establish their first stronghold within Federation Space. This is Jacob Deitz, reporting live from Utopia Planitia, Mars, Sol System.

About Jacob Deitz

Jacob Deitz is an investigative reporter for the Federation News Service. Born in New York City, Earth, Deitz worked at the Federation Star before joining the FNS, where he continues to investigate both political and criminal affairs.