With Starfleet help, Tilanna fights back against corruption and drug trade

With Starfleet help, Tilanna fights back against corruption and drug trade

TILANNA V – After battling against corruption and terrorism, investors are now turning their eyes once more to the former mining planet.

The popular planet, which rests just beyond the outer edge of Federation space, has long been a regular stop for merchants dealing in goods from across the quadrant. However, in recent years it has been dogged by accusations of corruption at the highest levels of society.

It was recently confirmed in a statement released by the Anjunaar Police Department that following the discovery of a deceased Federation fugitive in Tilanna’s capital city, Starfleet had been given exclusive permission to carry out an investigation in partnership. Embedded terrorist cells linked to the distribution of the new street-drug ATH were quick to openly attack government facilities as a result of these perceived intrusions.

“It was terrifying; it was supposed to be a peaceful protest!” claimed local resident Silar Fenn. “Then these gunmen just came out of nowhere travelling in armoured trucks. I blame the drugs. Even my own son was caught with a dose of ATH!”

ATH, or “All Time High,” is rapidly becoming a problem of epidemic proportions on the planet, its users developing a strong dependency on the intense euphoria-inducing chemical narcotic, which is seeing massive distribution.

Marine units deployed from the orbiting USS Aegis when it became apparent that the solution could not be brought to a peaceful conclusion, and the confrontation ended with a swift but violent finish, with local infirmaries becoming overrun with wounded victims caught in the crossfire despite the best efforts of Starfleet.

“We were hiding inside the building overlooking the plaza,” said Lana Debriz, a civil servant employed in the adjacent taxation office. “This large group of marines beamed in and just started wiping the floor with those terrorists! If we weren’t so scared, we would all have been cheering them on!”

What had originally begun as an investigation into a single fugitive’s murder rapidly became a multi-agency task force, with reports of a large abandoned factory unit being demolished by what bystanders described as military grade explosives.

“We saw a team of people go in; then the shooting started,” recalled Ritzu Clawtooth, a local Caitian worker. “It just seemed to go on for hours before there was a huge explosion, and then the entire structure came down. Although we all knew what was going on there, so good riddance I say. They didn’t call it ‘The Factory’ for nothing.”

While the Anjunaar Police department has yet to release an official statement, they are anticipated to reveal a crippling blow has been delivered to the production facilities. This, combined with the rumors of a “large political statement” about to be released by the current governor, has given residents a new hope in the fight to bring Tilanna back to its former industrial glory.

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