Casualties top fifty as second earthquake shakes Tellar

Casualties top fifty as second earthquake shakes Tellar

TELLAR — The Tellarite homeworld was disrupted yesterday by a second quake within the span of a week, with reported casualties exceeding fifty, and fears of a tsunami escalated sharply overnight.

Originating from the continent of Niba between the two vast oceans of Covila and Voshev, the earthquake caused confusion and destruction in the collection of small cities spread over the coastline. The recorded aftershock at a magnitude of 6.4 has worried Tellarite engineering experts of potential harm to their terraforming control technology.

“We are experiencing geological seismic activity at a rate unknown in the last two centuries,” stated Khiri Khibluk in an official statement from the Secretary of Communications, released last night. “While we usually anticipate microseism activity with little to no disruption, this current motion is unprecedented. Our engineers are working quickly to determine the nature of the activity and how it can be prevented.”

The Tellar News Service reported many buildings have collapsed or felt the effects of the tremors with weakened structural foundations, and upwards of fifty casualties are believed to be undergoing medical treatment and therapy for trauma caused by the disturbances.

“We have developed our world to be free from this kind of natural disaster,” said Crareg Jem, whose property on a small peninsula near Lurok has been affected with cracking along the walls and a partially collapsed roof. “I am simply relieved that there have yet been no fatalities.”

The area is not known for seismic activity due to the advancement of Tellarite terraforming technology which stabilises the geological configuration; however, the planet itself has multiple natural fault lines and volcanoes developing outside of normal controls beneath the Covila Ocean. Experts believe they may be the root cause.

Early geological scans of the planet structure after the quakes indicate the large probability of a further tectonic shift in the underlying basaltic layers. If not prevented, a tsunami arising from Covila would devastate the coastal regions of Lurok and Koven, both of which have a high population of marine farming communities.

Starfleet Headquarters has today confirmed they are coordinating disaster relief to the planet, as there are an estimated 400,000 inhabitants within the affected areas that may still be in danger.