New holonovel promises a look into the life of a newly joined Trill

New holonovel promises a look into the life of a newly joined Trill

TRILL — A new holonovel strips back some of the myths surrounding the process, and allows everyone a look at the rigorous joining process for Trill initiates.

Holonovels about the Trill are nothing new. In fact, many Trill lives have been documented although not in such a fashion as the new holonovel The Lives of Til. Grji Til is the newly joined Trill and in the book, he elaborates on the comparison to how he felt before, during, and after the joining.

I met the author at the city of Mak’ala on Trillius Prime. We sat in a small cafe and drank some Lida juice together. As is usual in such informal interviews, we chatted rather than conduct a question and answer session. From the conversation, Til revealed a few details.

The first chapter introduces the reader with the unjoined Grji’s birth and upbringing and proceeds up until he was selected for joining by the Symbiosis Commission.

That’s when, as he says, “It gets really interesting.”

While Til does go into a little detail of the actual process involved in the joining with a symbiont, the main part of the holonovel, he maintains, is what happens after he is joined. He explores his feelings and the feelings of the other hosts. He does say that the previous host has the strongest memories but refuses to go into any real details regarding the strong storyline included within the holonovel.

“If I give you the details now, why would anyone run the novel and find out for themselves?” said the author coyly.

I wish the writer and the holonovel all the best, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!