Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239711

Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239711

From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet.

Coastal Town Of Sunrise Beset By Unusual Events
SUNRISE, NEW YORK — In the last few weeks, weird happenings hit the citizens of the northern coastal town of Sunrise. It all started during the town’s annual Fourth of July block party and cookout when suddenly a troubling early launch of the fireworks erupted.

USS Veritas Debate Prime Directive As Asteroid Home To Pre-warp Species Deteriorates
WUAGYL SECTOR — The USS Veritas (NCC-95035) crew has encountered a pre-warp civilisation reportedly native to an asteroid while searching for the crew of S.S. Duncan Dunbar.

USS Arrow Targeted in Daring Pirate Raid Amid Captain’s Conference
ATLAS BASE, THE ALPHA ISLES — While playing host to several local Isles captains, the USS Arrow (NCC-69829) found itself the target of a boisterous executed raiding attempt by Alpha Quadrant pirates.

Starbase 118 Celebrates The Largest Gratitude Festival In Station History
STARBASE 118 Ops — The Bajoran Gratitude Festival is the most interesting event on the base at the moment, and everyone is excited. But culture exchange isn’t all they’re partaking in.

Crew of USS Chin’toka Attacked at Tibro During Political Power Struggle
TIBRO — Amidst apparent growing unrest, USS Chin’toka arrived at Tibro for diplomatic talks which soon turned into diplomatic upheaval.

Constitution Crew Resolves Two Legends With Modern Twists
ENDAASI — Starfleet officers from the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) endured unforeseen earthquakes, which resulted in some fascinating discoveries and an on-world visitor.

Crew Of USS Resolution Disrupt Coup Attempt on Da’al Homeworld
DA’AL — The crew of the USS Resolution (NCC-78145) disrupted an attempted coup by Da’al officials and an annexation attempt by the Klingon Empire.

Triathlon On Denak IX Sees A Triumphant Winner
TYRELLIAN SECTOR — The race on Denak IX concluded with a nerve-racking finish as two teams from the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) and one from the USS Triumphant (NCC-75692) compete among the Tyrellian Sectors best.

USS Thor Prevents Ecological Disaster, Colonial Governor Deposed Amid Corruption Allegations
NEW BAJOR, GAMMA QUADRANT — Following the attempted assassination of Fleet Captain Aron Kells, the crew of the USS Thor unravelled a complex web of arms trafficking and political corruption while averting an ecological disaster that would have forever doomed the young colony.