Federation hosts interspecies science conference

Federation hosts interspecies science conference

VULCAN — Starfleet Science announced the first ever international science conference to be hosted this month on Vulcan, and members from Romulan, Klingon, and Ferengi science teams have been invited by the Federation to attend.

Dr. Ferreira, director of Starfleet Science, expressed his excitement for the Vulcan Interspecies Science Forum that he and Dr. Brody have been working on most of this past year.

“It is an opportunity to exchange many interesting topics between nations and across species,” said Dr. Ferreira.

He will be working with the Federation scientific teams to gain insight on multiple space phenomenon in Klingon space, an area where Starfleet Science is lacking information in multiple fields.

Several scientists, including the Klingon Magor, expressed doubts about the militarization of the science shared within the Forum.

“The Empire will not cooperate with the Federation and the Romulans if our knowledge is used against us!” he said to Dr. Ferreira in a personal call.

Dr. Brody, who will be leading the Federation’s efforts in securing archaeological science from the Klingons, acknowledged the Klingon’s concerns and assured the restriction of military tech at the Forum.

“The purpose of the forum is in the field of science, and so we must guard against the sharing of military secrets,” said Dr. Brody. “Dissertations and agreements shall be written and signed to those involved to assure to refrain from any military application of the tech and science exchanged.”

The forum is scheduled to last for one week, and the Vulcan Science Academy shall open its door to host the event. The director of the Academy, T’Nora, expressed gratitude in hosting the Forum.

“It shall be an opportunity for both the Federation and its allies to increase their knowledge of the universe, a pursuit all Vulcans aspire too,” she said.

Federation President Narala expressed her support of the event, and Dr. Rajani of Starfleet Medical will also appear with several medical teams to expand their knowledge of Romulan and Klingon medicine.

“The Romulan colony of Siolara has suffered a viral epidemic that has affected more than 200,000 people already,” said Dr. Rajani.

Dr. Siudok of the Romulans will be working closely with Dr. Rajani to alleviate this problem.

Dr. Ferreira has inclined that the Forum shall not be the first and only time it shall be held. He showed that talks are already on their way to include the Bajorans, the Cardassians, and the Breen in another edition next year. He also informed the venue for next year to be shifted to Bajor to increase the likeliness of inclusion of the Cardassians and the Breen.