Building a sustainable future for Starfleet at the biennial New Horizons Conference

Building a sustainable future for Starfleet at the biennial New Horizons Conference

DELUVIA IV — The week-long biennial New Horizons Conference is fast approaching, celebrating and showcasing the best of science and technology for a sustainable Starfleet future, addressing innovative discoveries and obstacles in all fields of expeditionary intellect.

The popular tropical haven within the Deluvia system in the Tyrellian Sector won out amongst competitors yet again for the best facilities available to host the interchange, and all required attendees converging on the resort in the coming weeks. They dispatched invitations earlier in the year, allowing fleets to divert to the famous location if so desired.

As in previous years, the conference is at the pinnacle and vanguard of technological evolution and encourages all scientific intrigue from across the Federation to take part. Explorations of science have included editorials from our FNS reporters, including the “Genetic engineering in the Federation: a time for reflection” where J’mai Osen questioned the aversion to genetic engineering in the Federation scientific community. Last conference, Director Sorllaith of the Kaferia Institute of Natural Science garnered much support presenting her theories of mass extinction and migration from Tau Ceti Prime to their home of Kohath-Seredi.

Readers can enjoy learning more about the last conference here.

“The aim of the conference one more is to provide an opportunity for all our brilliant scientists, engineers, students and researchers to share their incredible approaches, groundbreaking ideas and leading knowledge with one another,” explained Doctor Ginasa, Saurian Director of the New Horizons Conference Commission and a seasoned Research Director based at Starfleet Academy. “Networking across our galactic spectrum is an important aspect for all and allows us to honour the challenges faced, as well as discuss solutions utilised in our respective celestial fields.”

Amongst those presenting at the Conference are leading scientists and dignitaries representing the Selkie species, who led the endeavour to colonise the Class-M planet and unary star system. We have described their multitude of underwater settlements as a scientist’s dreamworld, with many of the new settlements dedicated to pursuing medicine and experimental development.

Working in tandem with the N’Vea Hospital — an expansive medical facility specialising in trauma and rehabilitation — the colonists are increasingly looking for revolutionary treatments and progressive methods of care.