Rebel faction claims victory, heralding an end to Delrothian Civil War

Rebel faction claims victory, heralding an end to Delrothian Civil War

In recent months, the intermittent civil war on Delroth VI has erupted into a fast-growing battle that no longer avoids civilian-populated regions.

A significant increase in fighting was heralded by an explosion at the Governor H. De’Anaar Memorial Hospital, which killed many staff and patients, before minor clashes and skirmishes erupted all over the capital province in the hours that followed, with constant fighting continuing until today’s events.

The rebel De’Na’Tan faction seized command of Delroth VI’s capital city earlier this morning amid heavy street fighting, with regime forces and Starfleet Marines dispatched to oversee the evacuation of several thousand Starfleet Medical personnel, as well as Engineering and Diplomatic personnel present as mediators and humanitarian workers.

A government spokesman released a transmission to the neighbouring systems, assuring them that the military still maintained a firm grip over the city’s most strategic locations. The constant sound of heavy weapon fire and the numerous pillars of smoke do nothing to substantiate the official announcement. The De’Na’Tan are said to have armoured vehicles and heavy weaponry that were seized from military stockpiles or ambushed convoys.

An unusual feature of the atmosphere on Delroth VI — which prevents transporters from being used to and from the surface — has filled the skies with a steady stream of shuttlepods and runabouts as Federation vessels in orbit race to gather up the threatened Starfleet personnel now that the situation has become untenable and highly dangerous for the Federation.

Captain Hyster of the USS Mayoko, the flagship of TaskForce 288, would only remark on their deviation from a prior task to state that the safety of fellow Starfleet officers came first.

“Our present directives have been superseded by the necessity to evacuate all Federation and Starfleet personnel from Delroth VI.”

The evacuation of all individuals belonging to Starfleet, the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, and Federation citizens is believed to be covered by the deployment of all Taskforce Marines to multiple extraction locations. Due to natural interference in the atmosphere of Delroth VI, the evacuation may only be carried out by ferrying personnel to waiting ships using shuttles and runabouts.

Even as I write this, I can hear the first artillery rounds hitting near the border of this landing zone.

More on this news as it develops.

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