Bolian chef Pelall releases a Federationized cookbook of Bolian cuisine

Bolian chef Pelall releases a Federationized cookbook of Bolian cuisine

BOLARUS IX – The host of the popular holoseries Bolian Cooking with Pelall has released a new cookbook hoping to recreate traditional Bolian dishes while using meat that is more palatable to non-Bolians.

Pelall has enchanted and enticed the tastes of old and emerging admirers with a magnificent reentry into a pantheon of unique meals from her new holoseries, departing from the usual aged and fermented meat cuisine the Bolian homeworld is renowned for. Pelall’s fastidious attention to detail has resulted in some of the most unusual dishes to suit a wide range of preferences, and this looks to be only the tip of the iceberg.

The Bared Bolian, an expressive collection of novel techniques and approaches that allow non-Bolians to cook traditionally without upsetting the delicate balance of the bowel’s microbiota, is the culmination of this enormous endeavour. Fans of the series have reacted well to the new book, with an unexpected uptake among Ferengi villages, where partially rotting meat is likely to be substituted for the grubs and slugs of a traditional Ferengi cuisine.

“We’ve witnessed an increase in the number of subscribers to our series from viewers we didn’t expect,” a humbled Pelall observes, with a soft chuckle and a thick accent. “The popularity of Bolian food has skyrocketed, which was a major motivator for presenting our culinary pleasures to the non-Bolian palate. Our tomato and shimmershell soup has everyone going crazy!”

Pelall reveals that Bolian cuisine is different and diversified in its approach to cooking, as seen by her offbeat interpretations of old but underutilised dishes. She attributed her passion for crafting food to her late co-father, and she presented some of her homeworld’s diverse range of creative cuisine from throughout their globe, with a joyful grin.

“Arinol, our undersea colony in the southern hemisphere, provides heaps of fiery fish and shellfish, all with a syrupy cream foundation,” she stated as she served a delectable risotto combined with Andorian shaysha insects. “On Rasara, people of Bokitu are known for their meat meals, rich stews, and heavy butterfats oozing with juice. I hope I’ve whetted your appetite for the potential of being able to recreate some of these delectable delicacies for your own preferences.”

The new cookbook will be published in the coming months, and subscribers to the holoseries will receive an extract from the upcoming The Bared Bolian: Desserts issue.

“What is the purest of joys if not sharing a meal with your friends and family? Go with love.”


Roasted Sweet Tomato and Jhafre Soaked Andorian Shaysha Beetle Risotto

“Bolian tomatoes are some of the sweetest you’ll find,” Pelall stated as he diced some and passed a bit to this reporter. “Normally, I’d make this using fermented Bolian shimmershell, but it’s just as delicious with that gorgeous crunch from the shaysha beetle.”


  • 4 large Bolian Tomatoes.
  • 1 large handful of Shaysha Beetles, with the shell. Preferably deceased by natural causes. Do not use live beetles.
  • 1 large bottle of Tenaran Jhafre ale. Uncorked.
  • 5 tbsp of Rovim Mountain Salt.
  • 2 Litres of organic stock; Bolian herring is recommended. Open windows.
  • Onions. Plural.
  • 3 handfuls of Riskian cheese.
  • 9 handfuls of risotto rice. Replicated to taste.

First, taste the jhafre ale to ensure that it is of high quality.
Take a big mixing basin and add the beetles to it. Make certain they are dead. Soak for at least a week.
To be sure, double-check the jhafre ale’s quality.
Bolian tomatoes should be finely diced. Dice again if you’re not sure whether it’s comprehensive enough.
Cook the risotto according to my previous recipe, which can be found in Episode 23 of our holoseries.
Grind the beetles until they have a breadcrumb texture. Try not to come into prolonged contact with the skin.
Mix in the beetle until the risotto is a rich black colour. Continue to combine. If beetles become trapped in the mixer, do not try to remove them with your fingers.
Serve with sugar and Bolian nectar (available from my personal replicator menu.)