Time Running Out to See Popular Concert Star

Time Running Out to See Popular Concert Star

PROXIMA CENTAURI – The “Taking it to the BetaMax” tour, featuring musician Jerrica, kicked off with a sold-out show in Proxima Centauri and will continue on to Kitomer, Risa, Deep Space 4, and R’ongovia, though tickets are becoming scarce at each venue.

Jerrica exploded into the Federation music scene in 2393 with her hit song “Do You Split my Infinity” and has been a consistent success ever since. Her live performances feature a unique holographic band and interactive special effects that must be seen to be fully appreciated.

In the past five years, Jerrica has become the most well-known artist in the wabi-sabi-pops genre, a style first popularized by Terran Andorian performer J’nade J’kosroth, whom Jerrica cites as a major influence. “Their music was just outrageous – truly, truly outrageous. And we’ve tried to bring that same intensity and glamour to every performance,” Jerrica said in a recent interview.

Concert-goer, Lirien of Risa, said “Jerrica’s performance was out of this world. The holographic band and special effects were mind-blowing. I’ve never seen anything like it before.” Another concert-goer, Zorath of Kitomer, said “I’ve been a fan of Jerrica for years and seeing her live did not disappoint. Her energy and stage presence were electric. I can’t wait for her next tour.” And according to a concert-goer, Nara of Proxima Centauri “It was an unforgettable experience, Jerrica’s music is so powerful and her live performance is truly mesmerizing. I’m already counting down the days for her next tour.”

For those who miss the BetaMax tour, plans are in the works for an Alpha Quadrant tour next year, starting with a concert on Betazed. Additional venues are still being determined.