2396 Olympics to be held on Earth for 500th anniversary

2396 Olympics to be held on Earth for 500th anniversary

EARTH — For the first time in 70 years, the Olympic Games will return to Earth in 2396 to celebrate the fifth centennial of the storied athletic competition that has since spread across the Federation.

The Olympics can trace their origins back to Ancient Greece on Earth, but the Olympic Games we know today were first held in Athens in 1896. These early games were held among the individual nation states of Earth, and it wasn’t till three hundred years later in 2170 that the first non-human entered the competition, the Denobulan swimmer Lerus. It took another 70 years before Earth competed as a single planet.

“I am really excited about the games being held on Earth. I have seen plans for new stadium in Havana, and it looks pretty cool,” said Jonas Kowal, who was the bronze medal winner in archery at the 2392 Olympic Games held in the Andorian city of Lor’Vela. “It will give all my family a chance to see me compete together. My great-grandmother has never been more excited as she can’t travel, but I’m lucky as there is usual one member of my family at each of the competitions to cheer me on.”

Still, some athletes aren’t ready to think about the games just yet.

“I haven’t thought that far ahead,” said Vela Palov, who gained silver in interspecies Parrises Squares at Lor’Vela. “We are currently planning for our next tournament on Betazed.”

The first Olympic Games consisted of nine sports. At the 2396 games, there will be 57 sports, including the Bajoran sport of springball, which will be added for the first time. The opening ceremony will be held in Athens and work will begin on the new complex and stadium later this year. There are rumours that the ceremony will closely link with Greece’s Olympic past.

“After the Dominion War, a lot of resources had to go into rebuilding, and our sports facilities were neglected,” said Harold Brown, governor for the Earth Olympic Committee. “But this is an opportunity to create advanced new sports facilities that will long benefit their local communities long after the games have come and gone.”

Work has already started on a new martial arts arena in Sydney and a new gymnastic arena in Tibsi.

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