Pirates cart away artifacts before damaging ancient

Pirates cart away artifacts before damaging ancient

NYGEL II — An unknown ship, believed to be operated by pirates, transported away artifacts from Site 02 on Nygel II and damaged irreplaceable remains of ancient Iconian culture.

One scientist discovered humanoid figures in encounter suits picking up tablets and carrying them away by transporters. Phaser fire from the ground and the unidentified ship destroyed most of the remaining artifacts on the site.

“We don’t know who they are or what they intend to do with the artifacts they took,” said Dr. Irina Bokava, chief researcher for the Nygel II Scientific Outpost 1. “All of this is appalling and a tragic act of destruction.”

Investigators are studying sensor imagery of the damage and records of the attack to try and determine who is responsible. It is currently too dangerous to approach the site with the structures now showing signs of being unstable.