Nouakchott, Punta Arenas to host United Earth Parliament

Nouakchott, Punta Arenas to host United Earth Parliament

SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — The United Earth Parliament published its calendar of sitting dates for 2394, revealing which cities will host the planetary legislature during its two plenary sessions next year.

Nouakchott will host the February session, and Punta Arenas will host the August session. Committee meetings and any emergency sessions will sit at the parliament’s permanent facility in San Francisco.

“The ‘traveling parliament’ scheme was created in 2387, when it was decided to finally renovate and expand the current parliament complex in San Francisco,” says Jay McCloskey, Assistant Director of Parliamentary Services. “The initial plans necessitated the Parliament find another location for up to ten years.”

Once the renovation plan for the existing San Francisco facility was made known, the parliament received requests from cities across the planet to be its temporary home.

“With so many meritorious requests, it was impossible to choose just one,” McCloskey says. “So the idea was raised to allow the parliament to travel from session to session.”

Since the first traveling session in March 2388, parliament has sat in eleven cities: Kampala, Barranquilla, Sarajevo, Phnom Penh, Tegucigalpa, Melbourne, Douala, Fortaleza, Cork, Tashkent, and currently, Québec City. Port Moresby will assume the role as host city beginning with this year’s August session.

With the renovation of the San Francisco parliamentary complex nearing completion, 2394 may be the last year for the traveling parliament experiment.

“The plan was always to return to San Francisco as a permanent home,” says Jay McCloskey, “but the reaction to the traveling parliament has been so positive, we’ve discussed the possibility of shorter traveling sessions being scheduled every few years.”

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