Cygnet considers separation from Federation

Cygnet considers separation from Federation

CYGNET XIV — Unrest over the revelation several months back that the government had concealed information about the theft of a bio virus continues with no sign of resolution as the planet reevaluates its membership with the Federation.

Due to the deadlock of the old Cygnetian government, a provision in the Cygnetian Treaty of Unification, signed two hundred local years ago, was triggered, and the government was dissolved. The safety measure passed one solar month ago then automatically kicked in, and a convention was formed to create a new government.

The convention passed by a slim margin (493-464) a motion to postpone a reconsideration of Cygnet’s alliance status with the Federation before starting the process of drafting a new constitution and reconsidering laws. Their second day started with a debate before ultimately they accepted a single member of the nine-member delegation from the Federation to assist with the convention. The accepted member, Salura Aronlight of Caldik Prime, is in her sixties and is well known for her scrupulous neutrality. However, some in the delegation were upset that they were rejected simply for being male.

“While we deeply appreciate the gracious offer of the Federation, this is an issue that will affect us for centuries to come, and we must respect the wisdom of the mothers who guided us for centuries,” said Fourth Circle Councillor from Earoni, a mountainous province located in the subantarctic continent, in a statement. “We wish to solve this in our own way, but there is always wisdom in having a neutral mother in our delegations.”

With such a close margin to pass the motion, and one of Cygnet’s colonies being a prime supplier of kathrium, used in several industrial replicators, the proposal of Cygnet separating from the Federation worries many. With their close astrographic position to the Romulan Republic and the Klingon Empire, if they were to separate, both powers could tempt them into preferential trading deals and possibly even an alliance, throwing the Federation’s colonization and expansion plans a major wrench.

“The Cygnetians have been Federation members since shortly after the founding of the Federation, with first contact done by the original Enterprise crew. Separating from us would be a major change in their relations, and would probably start a trend in reconsideration among many worlds. And with them supplying many minerals, it would be a blow to us, and to them,” said Dr. Keahvon of the Cereberus Think Tank. “It would be unheard of for a Federation member to leave. I’m not sure why they would.”

“The Federation Council is aware of the situation and is monitoring it,” said council spokesperson Randahi Silias. “We are in contact with the mediator. We hope to have more information later.”

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Amanda Krellian has been a journalist for the Federation News Service since 2379. She has extensive foreign affairs experience and wrote an award-winning exposé of the reasons for the withdrawal from the Avalon Sector by the Federation. She hails from the colony world of New Arcadia and lives in New Numbidia.