Cardassian Intelligence shake-up in systematic purge of agency

Cardassian Intelligence shake-up in systematic purge of agency

CARDASSIA PRIME — Following the resignation of Cardassian security Secretary Rollott Ilric, announcements made across the Cardassian Government have indicated mass disruptions throughout the agency, amid reports of a takeover tender from a new political party.

Officials across the ruling Detapa Council have released statements designed to assuage the concerns of citizens across the Union, stating that the purpose of the shakeup was not to bring about another Obsidian Order — the infamous intelligence agency that acted with impunity for centuries until its collapse a quarter of a century ago.

“The freedoms and rights that Cardassians everywhere currently enjoy are not under threat,” said the spokesperson for acting security Secretary Eja Trall, who replaced Ilric following his ouster. “This government is committed to a fairer and freer Union for all and that is not about to change. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.”

However, Trall’s spokesperson — speaking at a press conference — refused to be drawn on reports that the replacement of multiple high-level persons within Cardassian Intelligence happened due to growing support for the nationalist Cardassia First party.

In recent months, Cardassia First has gained support from some quarters because of their conservative and hawkish views, which include greater monitoring of civilians and an increased military budget in order to defend the Union against what they call ‘imperialistic Federation expansion’.

Seventeen months ago, now former Secretary Ilric criticised the Detapa Council for agreeing to reparations for those families who lost homes and loved ones during the Union’s conflict with the Maquis in the former Demilitarized Zone in the 2370s. Ilric called them “unnecessary and offensive to those Cardassian families who suffered at the hands of terrorists”.

Cardassia First seized on those comments and there were reports they were courting Ilric for a position within their ranks, although the parties involved denied it flatly.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Security Under-Secretary Thraitt Malnac appeared to confirm that the systemic purge of the agency has had repercussions for many ongoing operations “in the short term” but that this would not affect the internal or external security of the Cardassian Union. “CI continues to be a quadrant leading intelligence apparatus that upholds to respect and preserve the safety and rights of those living within our borders. There is no cause for alarm at this juncture”.

Detractors of the move include Koti Arit, a fiercely outspoken civil rights activist and critic of the current administration. In a statement at a rally in the Coranum District of the First City, Arit pointed to the fact that the motive behind the purge was still mostly unknown, despite what she calls ‘vague’ government assurances.

“If the purge ensures safety, then why is it shrouded in mystery and enigma?” Arit stated. “Cardassia First represents a clear and current danger to our rights – and if the purge of CI rid the agency of their influence, then the Detapa Council should scream about it from the rooftops! As usual, our leaders’ belief that ‘everything is fine’ is leading to complacency and stagnation – breeding grounds for nationalist rhetoric that will take us back to the dark times of the Order and Central Command!”

The Federation News Service has reached out to Acting Security Secretary Trall’s office for comment.

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