Dilithium shortage worsens following plant meltdown

Dilithium shortage worsens following plant meltdown

NAGIL IV — The Federation’s strained dilithium market was hit hard by the loss of yet another key source of the precious mineral, following a core meltdown at a processing center.

As the mining strike continues on Verona III, confirmed reports show overproduction at a mid-sized production facility on Nagil IV led to a core meltdown from equipment which had, over several decades, developed tiny microscopic fissures. These fissures caused the plant’s generator core to fail, leaving a crater where the plant’s power core once stood.

The plant manager at the Nagil Processing Center, Ria Fessed, denied the plant’s equipment was responsible for the destruction of the facility.

“I’ve been with the plant for twenty-seven years,” said Fessed. “No problems at all! I don’t care what the inspectors say. It had nothing to do with ‘faulty equipment’!”

The last inspection of the Nagil facility commenced last year and had noted the worn state of the reactor. The Nagil Controller’s Office subsequently requested maintenance of the plant facility, and the request was filed with the planetary Corps of Engineers, which had the maintenance slated for next month.

Neither the Controller’s Office nor Nagil’s government responded when asked for verification of the request, nor responded to the plant manager’s statement.

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