Joint task force repels Borg incursion

Joint task force repels Borg incursion

TRILL — A Borg incursion into the Alpha Quadrant has been repelled by a combined Federation-Klingon-Cardassian task force.

Reports indicate that the Borg had been secretly constructing a transwarp conduit in the NGC-3814 nebula near Trill. The Borg invasion force was led by Locasta of Borg, an assimilated Captain Kate Banninga from the USS Endeavour.

“We managed to break Captain Banninga free from the Collective,” said Eahar R’Soll, the first officer of the USS Endeavour. “Kate was able to order the Borg to power down before being disconnected.”

The USS Portland, a Miranda class vessel under the command of Captain Alenis Meru, entered the transwarp conduit and collapsed it from the inside. Details of how this was done are top secret; however, the FNS has discovered that the mercurial Commander Shras was testing a prototype reactor on the Portland immediately prior to the discovery of the Borg.

“The crew of the Portland showed honour befitting a Klingon warrior,” boasted General Mar’dok, the commander of the Klingon forces, over a mug of bloodwine. “Everyone fought bravely, even the Cardassians.”

Thousands of drones, powered down and disconnected from the Collective, remain near the nebula. A number of ships have been dispatched to the nebula for cleanup and de-assimilation.

This is a reader-submitted article. The USS Portland and the USS Endeavour are proud members of Obsidian Fleet’s Task Force 72A. The crews of the Portland and Endeavour collaborated on this mission.

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