Planetary Defense Laser Misfires Causing Casualties

Planetary Defense Laser Misfires Causing Casualties

POLLUS — Planetary defense laser destroys village on Pollus in the Par’tha Expanse.

A terrifying scene is unfolding in a remote protectorate of the Federation as a weapon meant to keep inhabitants of the planet Pollus safe has wiped out a village and all inhabitants. The weapon has been deactivated for the foreseeable future while the military council investigates the tragic occurrence.

While rescue efforts were attempted, it quickly became clear there were no survivors anywhere in the vicinity. The exact number of casualties is unknown as local villages rarely report population numbers to the central government.

Local government seems to be in chaos as the military council refuses to release any information until the investigation concludes. The governing council, comprised of the upper echelon of the planet’s government, were not forthcoming on details. “We will get to the bottom of this no matter what it takes. No words can express our sorrow,” said council member Asheera, head of planetary defense.

Multiple anonymous sources in the military have confirmed that the planetary invasion protocols were being tested at the time of the incident. The protocols were intended to identify hostile entities in nearby space and fire automatically. In this case, the weapon automatically locked onto the village and fired, burning a crater over two miles wide into the surface.

The council has suspended all tests and demanded the system be deactivated.

The political fallout is swiftly spiralling out of control as local communication reveals outrage from the people of Pollus toward Asheera – widely beloved before this incident and seen as a favorite in the next election for the seat of council chair – and the government at large. Meanwhile, Alliance Members Grizousco, when asked for his reaction, expressed frustration, “We will not stand as the council hides the finding from us. As we’re all allied together and if they can’t trust us to help then can we trust them?”

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