StarBase 118 opens new commercial joint venture

StarBase 118 opens new commercial joint venture

TRINITY SECTOR — Following the successful clean-up operation of a derelict area of StarBase 118, the Federation have entered an unusual external regeneration contract for the popular frontier station with the Lurtz Corporation.

Until recently, an area of StarBase 118 known as “The Below” had been little more than a rumour, with tales of shady deals and a darkened past with all access officially sealed off and classified. However, recent criminal activity pushed the area back into the light of day following a brief and extremely successful raid by a combination of the 292nd Marine Regiment and local law enforcement officers.

With the area now devoid of criminality, it seems that the Federation have decided to take a new approach when it comes to deciding what to do with the ill-fated area by reaching out to an external investor and contractor. Madame Lurtz, the Kobheerian who lists highly on the richest investors and traders of the quadrant, has won a tender to develop the large area of the station as prime real estate, promising a transformation into a “Venice of ancient Earth”-like area replete with canals and “traditional” architecture.

What was once a run-down area of the station dominated by service corridors and storage areas has now been redubbed Nuova Eleganza, with large construction crews rapidly moving in to rebuild the section into what can only be described as a consumer’s dream.

With large names such as Cardassian interior designers V’ace, high-end department store Dolbanna and Gache, and the esteemed Romulan designers Ms. Placed already rumoured to have purchased prime store locations, it’s clear that this new development is aiming firmly towards the luxury end of the market. Countless other private companies have also shown an interest after being drawn to the idea of finally having a “neutral” area on a Federation installation to trade.

With two hundred high-end apartments also available for purchase, the area is expected to become popular with the upward socially mobile younger generation, with specific mentions of tailoring towards the cultural and artistic norms of the modern age.

The real question is will this change of policy open up the potential for more and more external vendors to do business with the Federation?

While our economy remains cashless internally, this sudden and surprise move by numerous retailers shows that the Federation Credit may be becoming more of a normalised currency, with provisions in Nuova Eleganza to erect a large bureau de change to convert currencies internally.

Could we potentially see more areas of other starbases being open to external vendors and workers? Would this be dangerous to our stable yet fragile moneyless system, or would it be a boost to an arguably stagnant economy?

With all eyes on StarBase 118 as the pilot for this concept, the answers to the above questions will play out and pave the way for the future of consumer trade and demand in the region.

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Sharmina Patel is a former trader most famous for building up the Maharashtra Spice Interplanetary Corporation. Now retired, she enjoys writing on business and market current affairs across the Federation, offering tips to any new traders and reporting on market related incidents either on scene or from her office in Mumbai, Earth.