Tribble convention hits troubled start

Tribble convention hits troubled start

STARBASE 118 — The annual Tribble Fanciers Association convention is in turmoil following the onstage collapse of their keynote speaker.

What was meant to be an enjoyable family event has rapidly become the talk of one of the Federation’s most populous starbases. During the opening gala of the convention, the keynote speaker, Ms. Anseidora Dorfmann, collapsed dramatically onstage, requiring emergency medical attention.

While it is not yet known what caused her illness, there have been numerous eyewitness reports of federal marines bagging up an unknown breed of tribble before having them moved to an unknown location.

“Precautions naturally have to be taken,” explained Andorian Federation Secretary Thoris P’Trell, who was in attendance at the event. “I have full confidence in Commander Taybrim and his crew in their ability to handle this matter, and I would ask all convention attendees to continue to enjoy the event as usual.”

Following these developments, the illustrious and well-known trader Madame Lurtz, who is also the key sponsor for the convention, fled to her private yacht and was unavailable for comment.

While the main convention suite remains off limits, enforced by Starfleet Security, attendees are being encouraged to continue their day-to-day business as usual in an effort to salvage what is rapidly becoming a regrettable mark in the Tribble Fanciers Association’s long history.

Already several investors have pulled from the usually lucrative trade of the exotic pets, leaving a question mark on how much damage this will cause in the long-term to the well-established market.

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