Trellium Futures Skyrocket After Major Shipment Goes Missing in Alpha Quadrant

Trellium Futures Skyrocket After Major Shipment Goes Missing in Alpha Quadrant

ALPHA QUADRANT — A missing transfer scow carrying highly valuable Trellium-D has thrown local sector markets and larger trading into flux. The independent haulier, The Fair Winds, was due in port nearly a week ago.

Trellium-D, a key component in the insulation of starships, is a challenging mineral to process and rare to find in the raw ore state. As word of the missing Trellium reached miners, ship-builders, unions, mineral dealers, and various other markets playing tradesfolk throughout the Quadrant, Galactic Markets reacted in kind.

Prices for still available Trellium-D, and the market price for usually lower-valued Trellium-A, jumped instantly nearly 20 Latintum bars per cubic meter, taking the accepted trading price up from the already steep 15 per cubic meter to triple the amount.

As the shipment continues to be unaccounted for, traders warn that more rises are expected.

“What is it you hoo-mons say, you have to ‘buy shortly and sell length-wise’?” Trader Abslom Pask said when asked about the immediate forecast for the markets in the coming weeks. “Those who find themselves suddenly wealthy — thanks to some older CURRENT stocks — might want to investigate how they can make these longer odds work for them across an extended span of time once those stocks dwindle, you see.”

Details continue to emerge as both A and D futures again surged even today, but we will bring you more on this story as it develops.

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