Celebrations across the Federation ring in the new stardate year

Celebrations across the Federation ring in the new stardate year

EARTH — On the heels of the new Earth year of 2394, Federation worlds today observed the beginning of the new stardate year.

Fireworks lit up the skies over the most iconic landmarks of many member planets as people gathered to celebrate. From San Francisco to Moscow on Earth to Vulcan and Starbase 118, crowds said goodbye to 2393, a tumultuous year in interstellar politics and a welcome end to another year of Starfleet’s ongoing missions.

While many celebrated with family and friends on their home worlds, some also paid tribute to the many notable sentient beings who passed away during the holiday season, marking 2393 as the “Year of Heart-Wrenching Losses” by a large number of avid readers.

“I still can’t believe she’s gone,” said Scott Walker, a computer analyst who lives in New Berlin, Luna, as he remembered Royal, a beloved musician who passed away suddenly last month. “She was such an inspiration and so kind to her fans. Even when there were hundreds of others in a crowd, when she sang to you, you felt like the only person in the room.”

Thousands gathered to also pay their respects for Admiral Laei Fisher of the Rogue Marine Fighter Squadron and T’Broh Reynah, a diplomat from the Vulcan embassy on Earth.

While Earth’s year 2394 has already passed its first few days, many are still wondering what the new year will bring in its entirety.

“I just hope the War of Shadows hasn’t shaken too many people’s faith in our institutions and society,” said Smithsonian historian Shivani Anand, referring to last year’s conflict with the Orion Syndicate that saw the return of the notorious criminal organization. “But for now, all we can do is wish each other well and a happy 2394.”

By that standard, 2394 is off to a promising start.

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