Customs official murdered on remote colony world

Customs official murdered on remote colony world

GAMMA CYGNUS V — The governor’s office confirmed reports today that a body found mutilated inside a cargo container is that of a Bajoran customs official.

Tran Komah’s body was found at a local transfer port by security staff during a routine inspection of outgoing cargo for Cait. An autopsy reported that he suffered several stab wounds to his neck and back as well as having two of his ribs “forcibly removed”. He was 36.

“Komah was a well-loved member of our community,” said Gamma Cygnus V Governor Carolina Post. “His attention to duty and his sense of humour will be missed by us all. This brutal torture will not go unchallenged.”

Tran, who worked in the customs and excise department, had been reported missing by his wife earlier this week after he failed to return home from his shift. His family had no comment on today’s grisly discovery.

Sources inside the Office of Security claim that the investigation has already stalled due to lack of evidence at the crime scene, although they have not given up hope.

The murder is the latest setback for Gamma Cygnus V, a new colony on the very edge of Federation space. During the initial settling of the colony, one of the transport ships, the Helena, was destroyed in what was described as a “freak” engine malfunction, and last month, the local crop of kava failed to produce enough to be considered sustainable after farantine was discovered in the soil. The crew of the USS da Vinci were dispatched to purify the soil, completing their work two weeks ago.

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