Reconstruction within Cardassian Union surges ahead of expected timetable

Reconstruction within Cardassian Union surges ahead of expected timetable

CARDASSIA IV — A recent report compiled by a variety of Federation scientists and xenocultural experts found that the Cardassian Union is rebuilding its architecture and infrastructure with surprising speed.

“To be perfectly frank, the rapidity with which they are repairing their shattered world is astonishing,” confided Tw’ev Gaith, a statistics professor from the Grizzelan University of Applied Mathematics. “The damage their world has sustained over the past half-century is cataclysmic, and yet the evidence does not lie.”

Cardassia has been subject to a variety of extraordinarily fractious events in recent decades. Political divides and militaristic dictatorships presided over planet-wide famines, the results of which led to a far more aggressive Cardassia. This hostility was exceptionally visible during the skirmishes with the Federation and other galactic powers throughout the 2350s and 60s. Modern history has been even more catastrophic for the reptilian species, with the Dominion War exacting an almost irreparable toll on Cardassian influence throughout the quadrant.

The alliance with the Dominion resulted in the establishment of an even more oppressive police state, where the rights and privileges of Cardassian citizens were curtailed ruthlessly, and Cardassian nationals were used as fodder for the wars being waged by their silent conquerors. As the war finally came to a close, and the Cardassian people began to follow the uprising led by Legate Damar, Dominion troops and ships began to rain fire onto the already abused world, reducing most cities and structures to smoking cinders and culminating in the deaths of nearly a billion sentients, helplessly caught in the crossfire.

Upon the Dominion’s surrender, and after Starfleet and the Federation had repaired sufficiently to aid others, the restoration of Cardassia became a top priority for relief efforts. Industrial replicators and triage centers were established all across the ravaged planet, and over the following two decades, medical assistance and operational support were plentiful. Two years ago, the final detachment of Starfleet personnel, left over from the Dominion War, were recalled.

Researches at the Daystrom Institute projected a full recovery to be all but impossible for Cardassia, and certainly not achievable within the next century or so. Despite this, recent developments have pointed to an unprecedented spike in infrastructure repair across the planet.

“The cities are starting to take shape again,” Hywyn Oovmal confided.

Oovmal, regional director of the Allamat Infirmary Complex on the world’s northern frontier, has been on the front lines of the rebuilding process since it began.

“There’s only rarely starvation here. The buildings can be remade,” said Oovmal. “The culture, the history, the art… that will be a longer struggle.”