Thiaki Region’s unusual properties linked to ancient war and star-destroying weapons

Thiaki Region’s unusual properties linked to ancient war and star-destroying weapons

DAYSTROM INSTITUTE – A recent paper published today in ‘Xenoarcheology In The Galaxy’ alleged a war occurred roughly 202,000 years ago in a region now called the Thiaki Region, to explain the unusual sensor readings in the area and the early stellar deaths.

It also noted the similarity between the Thiaki Region and the Shoals, with both regions having restrictions on high warp speeds and unusually dense radiation fields.

This study, led by the Daystrom Institute, included several starships performing studies and research, plus the use of deep-space probes to build a complex picture of the lingering radiation and other subspace and spatial anomalies. One region of interest was the Desolate Void in the Thiaki region, a planetary nebula with nothing but white dwarfs, neutron stars, and two black holes.

“The existing models of subspace collapse could not explain this,” said Keisa Taiga, a doctor of Stellar Dynamics at the Daystrom Institute. “Several xenoarchaological digs were returning interesting results, so we thought to perform some follow-up studies to figure out if we could find out any more information.”

The study, which has taken several years, indicated the presence of weapons capable of destroying a star, although such conclusions, Taiga warned, were preliminary, as many other studies will need to be done before a true understanding of what happened in the region, is possible.

The Federation Science Council keeps working on a formal petition to Starfleet Command for more science ships in both the Shoals and Thiaki Region, which currently have speed and mass displacement restrictions.

“It’s unlikely that Starfleet will scramble more ships to the Shoals, given the tense political situation there, but it’s possible,” says Professor Emil Arbelaez, the current chairman of political science at Pike City University, located on Cestus III. “We simply do not have the ships to investigate every tantalizing result, as much as we wish we did.”

When approached for a comment, Starfleet Command would only say that until the petition is complete, they cannot comment on unofficial requests.